'App'titude for better governance

  • Published 20.11.15

Twelve apps debuted on Jharkhand’s 16th Foundation Day. But, what does this tech harvest really mean? A.S.R.P. Mukesh checks out the best

A van carrying limestone overturned near Taimara valley on NH-33 on Thursday morning around 9.30, blocking the road for at least an hour. Bundu police station in-charge Vinod Kumar negated any casualty or injury, giving rise to speculations that the driver jumped off to save himself. From now, citizens who download the Main Bhi Police app on their Android phones will be able to click and upload such accidents to alert the police. Telegraph picture

Main Bhi Police

Designed by JSAC, this app enables people to upload information and pictures of an accident or crime to draw police attention. Additional director general of police S.N. Pradhan said the "crowdsourcing platform" will help police get information quickly to act fast. "Download the app from JharApps from homepages of jharkhand.gov.in or apps.jharkhand.gov.in and upload geo-tagged picture of the crime scene with GPS location. As soon as data is submitted, alerts are sent to police," Pradhan said.

Jharkhand blood donor information

Designed by JSAC, this app informs people about interested donors within each city of Jharkhand and blood bank details. One can download this app from JharApps to know about donors, blood groups, mobile numbers, location, availability, blood bank and available stocks. JSAC director Sarvesh Singhal vouched for its usefulness.

Nursery info

Designed by JSAC, this app is green tech, literally, for plant and garden lovers. A one-stop solution for all nursery related queries. Go gardening!

Plant information

Designed by JSAC, meant for foresters. The app aims to bring transparency to plantation drives. The idea is to wipe out fake plantation and bogus green Jharkhand reports. The app mandates all forest officials to update pictorial evidence of work done to help the government plan costs better


Designed by JSAC, the app aims to get various government departments and masses talking to seek solutions on one platform as M means mobile while samvad stands for conversation. A user needs to download the app, register complaint and track status. Users can also upload pictorial evidences of problems.

Jharkhand Crop Management

Meant for farmers, this app designed by JSAC will give relevant and detailed data on types of crops grown here. Developed to collect data from fields on crop aspects such as type, area, variety, diseases, etc, this app will help the state plan schemes better. Also, this app would show crop locations on Google Maps

Inspection report management

Designed by JSAC, the app gives accurate and transparent information reports for government departments on schemes, progress and other aspects on real-time basis to avoid duplicity and false studies. Officials concerned can upload pictorial evidence of any project via the app for easy access

Garbage management

Designed by JSAC, the app directly interfaces between Ranchi Municipal Corporation and people. A user who downloads it can upload information of garbage litter with pictorial evidence and location. The civic/municipal body will get an alert

Public grievance redress

Designed by JSAC, the system combines mobile and web-enabled tools where a Ranchi resident can register civic problems in his/her area and get a tracking number to check its status. To access the app in one's cellphone, one needs to download MyRmc in Google Playstore. To complain via phone on this platform, dial 18003456530. Through web, log on myrmc.ranchimunicipal.com and post queries/complaints via a personal account or a guest.

JharSewa (e-district)

Jharkhand e-District or JharSewa, accessed at http://serviceonline.jharkhand.gov.in/ is an e-gateway for a portfolio of government services such as birth, death, marriage certificates, etc. This apart, one can apply online for social security schemes (old age pension, widow pension). The e-district portal existed before, but the mobile app extension is newly launched

Karmachari Sewa Plus

Jointly designed by NIC and state finance department, this is an exclusive app for state government employees to get easy and transparent access to financial data anytime and anywhere. It can be downloaded from http://finance-jharkhand.gov.in:8080 and http://employee.jharkhand.gov.in


Some good ideas, but daily running, coordination and maintenance by nodal IT units of respective departments will prove to be the real test. Also, plain clunky names.