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Deer park in Ramgarh

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  • Published 5.06.12

Hazaribagh, June 4: Ramgarh is set to host the latest deer park in the state.

A proposal in regard to a park planned close to the border with Bengal was forwarded to Ranchi for approval last month.

The park will come up on 25 acres on Gola-Muri Road in Gola block, which is known for its dense forest and presence of different species of wildlife. Gola shares its border with Purulia in Bengal and the two places are well connected by road.

Sources said Gola is known for its flora and fauna, making it an obvious choice of officials scouting for a place to develop a deer park — the process beginning with 25 acres being identified for the purpose.

A forest officer said Gola forest hosts several animals, other than elephants and deer. They said later, the deer park could be expanded into a zoological park.

After becoming a full-fledged district in 2007, Ramgarh witnessed rapid industrialisation. With industrial units sprouting up in even forested areas like Gola, leading to loss of habitat for wild animals, incidents of animals straying into villages in search of food and attacking humans increased.

Forest department records confirmed that in the last two decades, at least two dozens villagers had lost their lives in attacks by elephants.

Sources said Gola forest has several picturesque spots with streams and hills. But thanks to any initiative to promote green tourism, the area has remained more or less neglected. Many said after creation of a deer park, tourists will definitely come to this place to enjoy the natural beauty as well as to see the deer.

Divisional forest officer A.K Singh confirmed sending a proposal to Ranchi. He said after getting the approval, work to construct the park will start in Gola.

Locals said Ramgarh is known for big industrial units, and a deer park would showcase another aspect of the district and promote tourism.