Crackdown on tinted car glass - Special drive on in Bokaro district since Nov. 30, 13 vehicles fined Rs 1000 each

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  • Published 8.12.12

The Bokaro district transport department has joined hands with traffic police to launch a special drive against vehicles using tinted film on windows in the wake of a nudge from the DGP’s office, which acted on a Supreme Court order.

The crackdown, which started on November 30, entails seizure of four-wheelers using dark films or tinted glass and imposing a fine of Rs 1,000. Till Friday, a joint team of district officials led by Bokaro transport officer Vijay Kumar Gupta and traffic inspector A.K. Mishra seized 13 vehicles, including three SUVs, and slapped fines on the owners. The cars were then let off but not before the dark film was removed from windows.

“This being the initial phase of the drive, we fixed a fine of Rs 1,000. We also warned the vehicles that if they are found flouting rules, the fine will be doubled and action taken according to law,” Gupta said.

“I have already issued directives to the transport officer to crack down on vehicles that are violating the apex court’s order and are still using dark film or tinted glass. No one is above the law. Everybody must follow the Supreme Court’s guidelines, including politicians, bureaucrats and police officers,” Bokaro deputy commissioner Sunil Kumar told The Telegraph.

In its order passed on April 27, the Supreme Court enforced a blanket ban on tinted film that is pasted on factory-fitted window glasses of cars to alter or enhance their opacity. A two-member bench, comprising former Chief Justice S.H. Kapadia and Justice A.K. Pattnaik, had instructed home secretaries and the DGPs or police commissioners of all states to ensure compliance.

As the states failed to implement the order properly, a two-judge bench of Justice B.S. Chauhan and Justice Swantantra Kumar issued a fresh directive in July 2012, warning that action under the Contempt of Courts Act would be taken against DGPs and officials if they failed to crack down on vehicles using black films.