Clan deeds to be explored

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  • Published 26.03.07

Jamshedpur, March 26: Having established their supremacy in the Chhotanagpur region in the 2nd century, Nagvanshi rulers and their exploits are set to be recorded in detail.

Thanks to an initiative of the state archaeology department, an elaborate survey would be done on the illustrious dynasty.

The department hopes to break the many myths associated with this dynasty and its rulers and also substantiate facts with more findings.

Deputy director of the state archaeology department Harendra Prasad Sinha said: “Since there are lots of information that have associated with this dynasty for sometime though never proved, we thought of getting the facts right.”

The archaeology department has decided to make a list of monuments and buildings constructed during the tenure of this dynasty.

“We will concentrate on the forts made by them and work on excavating them,” said Sinha, adding that they have identified areas in Navratangarh and Khukra where such monuments can be found.

Later, the excavation would be supported by conservation activities. For this project, the department proposes to involve the history students from Ranchi University and senior teachers, some of them retired. A team of experts constituted by the state department would work with them.

The Nagvanshi dynasty has been known for its contributions to the social and political transformations in the region. Their history dates back to more than 3,000 years.

Chintamani Sharan Nath Shahdeo (75) was the last king of the dynasty and lives in Ratu palace. His son Gopal Sharan Nath Shahdeo (Congress) is a member of the legislative Assembly and was elected from Hatia.