BHEL help to boost Patratu power

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  • Published 26.03.08
Patratu: In maker’s hands

Ranchi, March 26: The state electricity board has asked Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) to repair the units at Patratu Thermal Power Station, Jharkhand’s oldest such facility.

With internal power generation barely sufficient to meet 50 per cent of the state’s energy demand, Jharkhand State Electricity Board (JSEB) decided to call in BHEL to improve performance.

Four units at Patratu were installed by BHEL more than 20 years ago. Czech firm Skoda installed the rest of the 6 units. These units are more than 36 years old.

The units made with help from USSR have an installed capacity of 840MW. The BHEL units have and installed capacity of 840MW. Patratu generate an average of 40 to 110MW on any given day.

JSEB chairman Brij Mohan Verma said they decided to call in BHEL to improve production.

“We asked BHEL to inspect the units at Patratu Thermal Power Station, particularly units 9 and 10, which were badly damaged in a fire more than five years ago. The first round of talks with BHEL engineers was held at Ranchi recently. A crucial meeting with BHEL chairman is slated at Delhi in the first week of April,” said Verma.

The JSEB chairman said the engineers have taken a good look at Patratu units and have inspected the two units that JSEB wanted them to work on.

Efforts are underway to get the two units repaired at the earliest so that they could be made operational by the end of the year. Verma pointed out that unit 6 is expected to be commissioned by the end of this month while unit 4 would be working by the end of April. “By the end of the year, JSEB is aiming at generating more than 500MW from Patratu,” Verma added.