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  • Published 16.10.17

C.P. Singh, minister for urban development, housing and transport, on improving civic amenities 

TT: As an MLA, you ensured several roads and drains were built in your area. But, as the state’s urban development minister that effort seems to have waned.  

CPS: How do you say that (laughs)?  True, the overall pace of work may be slow, but we are doing our best 

What is the biggest hurdle? 

Municipal bodies need to put in consolidated efforts. These bodies have been defunct for several decades, but are now being revived. Also, no one paid attention to cleanliness

But, you are only stressing on constructing toilets. What about solid waste management?  

We have provided land for setting up waste disposal plants at Ranchi, Adityapur (near Jamshedpur), Deoghar and Daltonganj

Yet, not a single plant has come up.

Unlike roads, we don’t get potential bidders for setting up solid waste disposal plants in Jharkhand. At times, there was 
no competent bidder  


We have begun outsourcing work of collecting solid waste at various municipal areas. We have also sanctioned funds and floated tenders 

Most of our cities are expanding beyond municipal limits. Who should people of such areas approach?

I can only comment on areas that are under urban municipal bodies that are within my jurisdiction
Residents of several housing societies are willing to handle waste disposal on PPP mode.   

I cannot be expected to look into issues that are beyond my jurisdiction

Then, how will the PM’s Clean India mission come true?

I am ready to do anything. But even a minister has limitations. I cannot encroach into the domain of other ministers   

What else is being done for improving amenities in urban areas? 

We are providing houses for the poor on priority. Sewerage and drainage issues are being looked at. The city bus service is expanding steadily 

What would you like to tell residents?   

I urge the people of the state to honestly shoulder their responsibilities. No agency or government can fulfil the needs of all. People need to fight for their rights.

As told to 
Sudhir Kumar Mishra