Team logo row intensifies

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By The Telegraph Online in Delhi
  • Published 13.09.02

New Delhi: The use of official sponsorship logo by Indian cricketers ran into rough weather Thursday with the ICC giving conditional approval to Sahara India Pariwar’s modified logo and the company rejecting it outright.

Sahara, sponsors of the Indian team, changed its logo Wednesday for the Champions Trophy, following the ICC arguement that it was clashing with the interests of one of the official sponsors of ICC events.

[If this issue is not resolved overnight, there’s a good chance that the Indian cricketers will take the field Saturday (against Zimbabwe) with no team logo on their shirts. Moreover, the possibility of legal action is all too real, adds Our Special Correspondent in Calcutta.]

The ICC on Thursday communicated to the BCCI that its clearance of the new logo ‘Subrata’ was subject to deletion of the winged graphic impressions.

The ICC’s opposition to the original Sahara logo stemmed from an apparent clash of interest between the South African Airways, one of the sponsors of ICC tournaments till 2007, and Sahara Airlines.

The changed logo Subrata, named after Sahara chairman Subrata Roy, evoked objections from the ICC because of the presence of a ‘winged’ graphic.

Sahara has rejected the ICC offer. In a release, it said the part of the logo which the ICC wants to be deleted related to “orange and green strokes”, representing the Indian national flag. “It’s a matter of national pride.”

Sahara has already conveyed its rejection of the ICC offer to the BCCI. Describing the ICC’s objections to the colour strokes as “beyond any reasoning or rationale,” Sahara threatened to take all steps to “protect national pride and its own rights”. “By all steps, we mean taking legal action or even backing out of the deal with the Indian team,” a spokesman said. (pti)