Nobbs to get a raise

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  • Published 9.10.12

New Delhi: The last-place finish in the London Olympics notwithstanding, chief national hockey coach Michael Nobbs is all set to receive a salary hike from next year.

According to sources, Hockey India (HI) has recommended a hike of Australian $1000 for the chief coach. The recommendation was placed during the Annual Calendar for Training and Competition (ACTC) meeting at the Sports Authority of India (SAI) last week and was accepted by all members, including the government observer, Zafar Iqbal. The meeting also decided to give Nobbs an extension till March 2014.

“It has been proposed that Nobbs should get a hike in his salary from next year,” a source said.

Nobbs’ initial salary was Australian $10,000 per month, but it was raised by 1000 dollars after India emerged champions in the Olympic qualifiers.

Though Nobbs came under fire after India’s pathetic performance in the Olympics, where they lost six matches in a row to finish 12th, no one raised any objection about giving the coach an extension in the ACTC meeting.

“Apart from Nobbs, physio David John has also been given a salary hike as well as an extension,” an official confirmed.