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Kasparov quits pro chess

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By (PTI) in Linares
  • Published 12.03.05

Linares: Garri Kasparov, arguably the greatest chess player ever, has announced his retirement, apparently peeved over his treatment by Fide. Kasparov announced his decision here Thursday, soon after winning his ninth Linares title.

?It could come as a surprise to many of you. But before this tournament I made a conscious decision that Linares 2005 will be my last professional tournament, and today I played my last professional game,? said Kasparov, who lost his final game against Veselin Topalov of Bulgaria but still clinched the title.

?I hoped I could do better in my last game, but unfortunately the last two games were very difficult for me, to play under such pressure, because I knew it was the end of a career which I could be proud of. I may play some chess for fun, but it will no longer be professional competitive chess.?

Kasparov?s decision to call it quits pulled the curtains down on a career that lasted 30 glorious years, of which at least 20 years he spent as the undisputed king of the game.

Kasparov said he wanted to quit because he felt he no longer belonged here anymore citing the falling apart of his unification match against Rustam Kasimdzhanov this January in Dubai.

?When that happened I knew I was no longer part of the chess world,? he said. ?It is very difficult to quote one reason. But if I try could tell you that, as you know, I am a man of big goals. I have to achieve something, I have to prove something, I have to be determined. But I no longer see any real goal in the world of chess.?

?I did not want to leave in bad shape, as I was six months ago. I wanted to show some decent chess. I wanted to prove to myself first of all that I play better than others. I did..?