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Force India suspended by Fota

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By (REUTERS) in Istanbul
  • Published 9.06.09

Istanbul: Force India have been suspended by the Formula One Teams Association (Fota) for breaking ranks and unconditionally entering next year’s championship, owner Vijay Mallya said on Sunday.

The Indian drinks and aviation tycoon said he had asked Fota to reinstate his team but would not lose any sleep if they did not.

Mallya said he had been obliged to submit an unconditional entry, unlike the Fota teams’ conditional ones, because otherwise he would have been in breach of banking covenants.

Former champions Williams have also been suspended by Fota for submitting an unconditional entry for pre-existing contractual reasons.

Mallya said he had asked Fota to reverse their decision.

“If they appreciate it (the reasons), well and good. If they don’t appreciate it, why should I lose sleep over it?” he said.

“I am doing what is good for Force India, first because I have a duty to comply with my legal obligations, I have a duty to my employees, to the team and the company, and at the end of the day if it stops racing there is no business.”