England series was fixed, claims bookie

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  • Published 18.09.10

Karachi: Law enforcement agencies here are searching for an unidentified bookmaker, who appeared on a television show and claimed that all the Tests between Pakistan and England last month were fixed.

The bookmaker, whose face was hidden, appeared in a talk show and claimed that there are two yet-to-be-caught players present in the Pakistan team who had been involved in match-fixing in the past. The bookmaker also claimed that players were on the pay rolls of big bookmakers.

His claims come amid the raging controversy of alleged spot-fixing by the suspended Pakistani trio of Test skipper Salman Butt, Mohammed Asif and Mohammed Aamer during the same series.

A source said soon after the interview of the bookmaker was aired, the law enforcement agencies got into action and were trying to locate and identify the man.

“The police and FIA are making inquiries about the man who has gone into hiding now. He is a bookmaker from Karachi,” the source added.

The bookmaker also alleged that some well known players in the past had been involved in fixing matches and took the names of two top spinners and an opening batsman.

“It is a wrong impression that fixing deals are done on mobiles. Majority of the business is done on landline numbers and rates for spot-fixing and match-fixing are initiated from England,” he claimed.

“India is the biggest market for bookmakers and spot-fixing is done the most in India,” he added.

He claimed that when fixing was done, selected bookmakers made a killing by knowing in advance which player will perform in what way. “It is called player-fixing and players are brought for heavy sums.”

He also made the startling allegation that there were agents working on behalf of officials in the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) who were also making money out of fixed matches and spot-fixing.

He said top bookmakers operated through agents who lured and co-ordinated with players.

Meanwhile, former Pakistan captain Rashid Latif, who previously blew the whistle on match-fixing in the country's national team, today suggested a delay in the live broadcast of matches to curb spot-fixing.

“I guarantee that even a delay of 30 seconds in live telecast of matches will put an end to the spot-fixing,” Latif said.

Latif said the ICC would have to convince its television partner to delay the broadcast.

“The ICC will have to bear the loss as the media companies would possibly disagree with the idea, but I can guarantee spot-fixing will die with delayed telecast of matches,” said Latif.