Belgian PM’s beer bet

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  • Published 28.06.14

Brussels: Belgian Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo challenged US President Barack Obama to a bet over Belgium’s impending knock-out match against the United States, offering the prospect of some “great Belgian beers” should the US team win. As of Friday morning, the US President had not replied to the challenge.

Two dead

Algiers: Two people died in car accidents after Algeria’s capital exploded in fireworks and horn-honking joy after the national football team qualified for the World Cup knockout stage for the first time.

As the post-match celebrations continued into the early hours of Friday, young people honked horns and drove madly through the streets, resulting in car accidents that wounded 31 people across the country, according to police.

Best wishes

Recife: With both his current team and his former one on to the knock-out rounds, Jermaine Jones approached the German players and offered his best wishes.

“I hope that we meet again,” said the US player, who also answered some questions in his first language of German afterward.

India connect

Sao Paulo: Barely six years old, India’s Abhiraj Singh will be getting the opportunity of his lifetime when he escorts one of the star players onto the iconic Maracana in the pre-quarterfinal between Colombia and Uruguay on Saturday.