Monday, 30th October 2017

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Warmth ruins bloom pattern

  • Published 13.11.17

Warmth ruins bloom pattern

• In 2015, an unusually warm summer caused subalpine wildflowers in Washington state's Mount Rainier to bloom much earlier. Species that flower weeks apart bloomed together, competing for resources and pollinators, found a team of botanists from University of Washington. This is a preview of how alpine ecosystem will change due to global warming.

Eternal star

• Astronomers have discovered a star that refuses to die. Supernova - the explosion of a star - marks the death of that star. Scientists led by Las Cumbres Observatory have, however, found one that exploded multiple times over a period of more than 50 years, challenging theories of such cosmic catastrophes. This is like finding a dinosaur alive today, said an astronomer.

Greedy baboons

• Research shows that canny baboons in Cape Town use a sit-and-wait tactic to raid people's homes for food. They don't forage in cities because of scarcity in their natural habitats, say researchers at Swansea University in South Africa. They are lured by the food rewards, which are 10 times richer in calories. In jungles they forage for half the day while in cities they forage for only 10 per cent of the time.