Meritorious dropout

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By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 7.08.06

The article on Anadish Pal (Pedalling a two-wheeled dream, July 24) was immensely inspiring and a pleasure to read. Our country is eagerly expecting the advent of a car that will cost as little as Rs 1 lakh. Pal’s proposal for a PMV that costs only Rs 30,000 is a ray of hope for people who seek a vehicle without extravagance and frills. No wonder then that his design isn’t finding any takers among automobile companies. With his invention, this 1982 AIIMS dropout joins the league of other dropouts like Bill Gates.

Santanu Ganguly


Dangerous food

Your article that flatworms found in fish and other sources like crabs and crayfish can harm our bodies (Infections by flukes, July 10) can only dampen the spirit of Bengalis, who are known for their fondness for fish. It’s really a very serious issue. Health authorities should immediately take steps to ensure that hotels and restaurants only serve undercooked non-vegetarian dishes, so that people don’t fall sick, as warned in the article. They should also do more to educate people and promote awareness programmes, especially among the poor people. I am really indebted to your esteemed science magazine for highlighting such stories. A layman like me finds these bits of information very interesting.

Arta Mishra


Right tech?

With reference to Vanishing into thin air, July 10, it seems that the fantasy of becoming invisible is all set to come true. It does seem to be exciting as the defence system could use this technique to fight terrorists. However, this technological advancement does has it’s own drawbacks. Mischief makers could misuse it to create more commotion in this world.

Sourik Roy Deoghar,