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Tollywood celebrities who have a passion for cars and bikes

My earliest memory of fascination for the wheels started with my father’s Royal Enfield: Sayantika Banerjee
Sayantika Banerjee.

The Telegraph   |   Published 22.10.21, 12:16 AM

Sayantika Banerjee
“My earliest memory of fascination for the wheels started with my father’s Royal Enfield. He had a carrier on the side, and after returning from work, he would take me on a ride with me sitting on the carrier attached to it. I used to eagerly wait for that. There is something very smart about a Bullet that attracts me to it and I really love the sound, people also turn around to see when you ride a bike. I have never owned a Bullet yet, I always borrow from my father. I brought the Royal Enfield that my father has to my place and I ride it too. I think I got this  fascination for the Bullet from my dad. He is very obsessed with it and would always clean it by himself when he used to ride regularly. When I took it from him he also asked me to take care of it as if it was his other daughter. I always keep the safety part in mind and don’t take unnecessary risks. I learnt to ride a Bullet only three years back and I really like the aura. My father taught me the technical part and I wanted to learn out of whim and learnt it gradually. If budget was not a constraint, I would buy the best Royal Enfield for my father and then borrow it from him.”

Bonny Sengupta
“When I was in class four or five, I had a thing for Hot Wheels cars. So I used to research about all kinds of cars. I am drawn to cars because I feel  it is safe, comfortable and classy. My first bike was a Pulsar Black 220 and with my first earning from movies, I took an Alto. Right now I have a Skoda Rapid, for which I exchanged my Ciaz, and a Land Rover Discovery Sport, which I am again planning to exchange for a Merc E 220. Ciaz I chose because it fitted my budget and it is a spacious sedan. Discovery Sport is an amazing SUV and a super amazing four-wheel drive. Plus, it’s my first owned luxury car, so it is very special. My funny driving memory with Koushani would be test driving my new SUVs speed. When we  go out together I drive because I love to, but whenever she wants I let her drive as she is amazing at the wheels too. If budget was no constraint, I could choose a Harley(-Davidson) Fat Boy  or maybe a Ducati and for a car it would surely be a Bentley or a Rolls-Royce.”


Koushani Mukherjee
“I got fascinated with cars when I watched the film Hum Tum at a very young age. I used to imagine myself driving a sports car at speed, participating and winning the trophy. The look of the car has to be classy and it should have good leg space — these attract me most towards a specific car. The first car that I have owned with my own earning is a BMW X1 S Drive and I love my car because it is quite spacious and also its colour, Mediterranean Blue, is my favourite, and since I have a limited edition one, I have got a big sunroof too. If money is no constraint, I would choose a Royal Enfield because I really have been waiting long to ride that beast and the car would be Aston Martin because I find it to be very fancy, so would love to own one. When Bonny and I go out together, he drives most of the time. I am a very moody driver, so whenever I want, I take the keys and drive. With Bonny I have crazy driving memories from our long drives. If we fight during the drive, then Bonny is such an extremist that either he drives at 10 km per hour or speeds up. And then we again fight on overspeeding. Those memories that I have with him are really fun.”

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