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The Logitech G Pro headset is a gamer’s delight

What we experienced after playing hours of Destiny 2 with the G Pro embracing the ears

Mathures Paul Published 15.04.20, 02:04 PM
The Logitech G Pro headset comes leatherette ear cups that can be work for long periods of time without fatigue

The Logitech G Pro headset comes leatherette ear cups that can be work for long periods of time without fatigue The Telegraph

A good headset makes a world of a difference when you are playing a multiplayer game. A poor choice would leave your digital avatar in enemy territory. There are plenty of options out there but what we are looking for is a combination of sensible pricing, comfortable padding on the ears and on the headband, distortion-free sound and a top-notch microphone. There’s one that fits the bill very well — Logitech G Pro. Here’s what we experienced after playing hours of Destiny 2 with the G Pro embracing the ears.

Look and build


Right out of the box, it looks solid. The adjustment arm is made of metal, which feels premium. Only the joints are made of plastic. There is minimal rotation of the ear cups on the X-axis but plenty of rotation on the Y-axis to ensure it fits the ears without discomfort.

The headset is flexible and clamps nicely. Though it may look — and only look! — as if it’s tight on the ears, but the experience was comfortable all the way. There’s enough foam padding on the headband and the padding on the ear cups are just right. Even if you wear glasses, there is zero tightness around the ears. The leatherette ear cups can be worn for long periods of time without fatigue. Gamers end up playing hours each day and you won’t get marks on the ear even after long use.

The other important aspect is that it covers the ears pretty well, which means good sound isolation. There is a slit on top of each ear cup, which allows some of the bass to escape but at the same time ensures zero echo or unwanted vibrations. Needless to say, the left and right ear cups are clearly marked.

Another plus point on the design side is that the headphone easily slips into one’s backpack. There is nothing weird about the design that you cannot use it outdoors, like at a cafe. In fact, listening to music on the G Pro is a real pleasure.

In the box is a two-metre braided cable, which is a big help for everyone.

Sound quality

The G Pro opens up your ears to the power of good-quality headsets. Compared to any entry-level gaming headset, there are a lot of details on the G Pro. While gaming, it’s not about loudness; it’s about details, like the enemy sneaking upon you. You should be able to hear the footsteps, which we did so well on Destiny 2. In fact, when you play a game like King and Legends, audio is very important and you have to be aware of the surroundings.

Sound isolation is equally critical. You don’t want to be caught wondering whether the truck that you are hearing is outside on the street or enemies getting into position. The G Pro is tuned carefully to offer an accurate representation of all sounds, no matter where they are, so that you don’t want to miss out on any information.

The other important aspect is communicating with mates in multiplayer mode. All my friends heard my instructions loud and clear while the sound of other gamers joining is spot on.

We also ask you to check out a new app that allows you to customise gaming audio, thus better immersion. This means sounds like nearby footsteps or sounds on a race track would be clearer. Called Immerse and made by Embody, a spatial audio company, in partnership with Logitech G, the app has been designed to let PC gamers “hear game audio as you hear sounds in the real world” and make sounds appear to be closer or farther away from you. There is a trial period offer, which doesn’t restrict any feature. We tried it only to be amazed. After the initial sign-up process, a QR code is displayed, which you need to scan using the phone. Once scanned, you are taken to a website where you need to submit the photo of the right ear. The app’s AI uses algorithm that predicts how your ears receive sound. It’s an added bonus.

Separating the G Pro from the G Pro X is Blue Voice technology on the latter. There are real-time voice filters that reduce noise and make your voice sound richer.


Headset sound quality is always a subjective matter. Personally, I don’t like too much boom-boom bass, which makes the Logitech device perfect for me. The only improvement we would like to see is the placement of the volume and mute buttons on the braided wire; it could have been slightly lower than its current position. There is good audio separation while the ear cups make a nice seal around the ears. After experiencing Logitech G Pro, it’s impossible to go back to cheap entry-level gaming headsets. This one is a gamer’s delight.

At a glance

Logitech G Pro

  • Comfort and durability: Built to last with a durable aluminum fork and steel headband. Soft memory foam ear pads with passive noise-cancelling leatherette offer comfort for marathon gaming sessions.
  • Pro-g 50 mm drivers: A unique hybrid mesh construction delivers clear, precise sound imaging with improved bass response.
  • Pro-grade microphone: The detachable 6mm pro boom mic features a wider frequency response, lower signal-to-noise ratio, and higher sensitivity, while an integrated pop filter and wind screen blocks unwanted noise.
  • Pro-tuned EQ: Audio EQ profiles tuned by your top esports athletes are now available via G HUB gaming software.


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