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The Android logo gets a design refresh before Google’s fall event

The robot’s full-body appearance has been updated to ensure it can easily transition between digital and real-life environments

Mathures Paul Published 07.09.23, 05:30 AM
The rebranded Android logo and bugdroid.  

The rebranded Android logo and bugdroid.   Google

Android 14’s full public release is around the corner (and so is Google’s latest Pixel series) but before that, Google has a refreshed Android logo. The bugdroid now appears with more dimension and more “dynamic as Android itself”. The robot’s full-body appearance has been updated to ensure it can easily transition between digital and real-life environments, “making it a versatile and reliable companion across channels, platforms and contexts”.

Android consumer brand management director Jason Fournier wrote on the official blog: “Each time we overhaul our branding, we evaluate not only changing needs, but also future goals. We know people today want more choice and autonomy, and we want our brand to be reflective of Android: something that gives people the freedom to create on their terms. As an open platform, it’s important that both our technology and brand are an invitation for people to create, connect and do more with Google on Android devices.”


Also, the Android logo will soon begin to look a little different. The typeface will be somewhat similar to the one used by Google’s own logo, and Android will be spelled with a capital ‘A’ now.

“While we’ve added more curves and personality unique to Android, the new Android stylisation more closely mirrors Google’s logo and creates balance between the two. We hope these small but significant updates to the Android typeface will better communicate the relationship between Android devices and the Google apps and services people already know,” wrote Fournier.

The updated At a Glance widget is getting a design update and will offer more information about your events, travel, and local weather. Wallet will be easier to access because you can upload passes with barcodes and QR codes by adding a photo import feature. The Lookout app will be able to describe scenes more intelligently. Meanwhile, Android Auto is adding support for joining Zoom and Webex calls, though audio-only.

Google’s big fall event is coming in a few weeks. On October 4 we should be able to look at Pixel 8 and more.

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