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USB tethering can fail for several reasons, one of them being interference from your third-party anti-virus software

Surit Doss   |     |   Published 14.06.20, 01:48 PM

Whenever I left-click any icon with the mouse on my Wipro notebook, it opens the Properties dialog box instead of the program. How do I fix this?

Rahul Das

You have to reset the keyboard and the mouse. This simple trick will solve the irritant. With your left hand, press Control+Alt+Shift together on the left of the keyboard. Simultaneously, do the same on the right of the keyboard with your right hand. That is, press Control+Alt+Shift at the same time with your right hand. You must press all these six keys together to fix the problem.

Tethering fail

I am unable to open any website on my Windows 8 PC when I share the Internet connection from my phone with a USB cable.

Manik Mazumder

USB tethering can fail for several reasons, one of them being interference from your third-party anti-virus software. Turn it off and see if it works.

If it does not, it is probably because the driver has got corrupted or you are using the wrong driver. Click on the Start button in the left corner of the desktop window and type “device manager”. From the result, open Device Manager and go to Network Adapters.

Under Network Adapters, right-click on Remote NDIS based Internet Sharing Device. Select Properties—Drivers—Update

Drivers. Choose to browse your computer for driver software. Select “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”.

You must uncheck the box that says “Show compatible hardware”.

Under Manufacturer, select Microsoft. Click on “Remote NDIS based Internet Sharing Device”. After you click Next, the right driver will be installed. Turn off tethering and put it back on.

Image save

Pictures taken with my Moto G5 Plus are not being saved on the phone. This also happens when I try to save some WhatsApp images.

Rana Barua

The first step to fix this is to update your phone’s software. Then go to Google Play and update all the apps on your phone. In Google Play, tap on the hamburger menu on the top left and go to “My app & games” and update all apps, including Google Photos.

Next, get the Astro File Manager app from Google Play and navigate to the DCIM folder with the app. Rename it DCIMold.

Restart the phone and you should be okay. This solution will work provided you have enough storage space on the phone and in the SD card. Also, make sure the SD card is working fine.

Remove ads

How do I remove ads completely from my Samsung Galaxy M30 phone?

Vishal Chawla

The Samsung Galaxy M30 is notorious for intrusive advertisements. Also, some apps that you install push a lot of ads. Among these are UC Browser, Super-Bright LED Flashlight/Torch, ES App Locker, Photo Editor Pro, VideoShow video editor, Xender, Battery Doctor, Apps2SD, 360security and LOCX: App Lock, among others.

Uninstal these apps. You should also disable Samsung’s own My Galaxy app. Go to Settings—Apps and tap on My Galaxy. On the next page press Disable.


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