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OPPO Band Style looks classy

The fitness smartwatch also cheers up the rough-and-tumble kind with fitness data
Design is the biggest USP of the OPPO Band Style fitness device.
Design is the biggest USP of the OPPO Band Style fitness device.
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Mathures Paul   |   Published 25.05.21, 04:04 AM

People flying first class reach their destination at the same time as those flying economy. Of course, the former category will feel more rested and won’t probably yearn for a burger before leaving the airport. Smartwatches too are seeing a lot of categorisations, with the more expensive numbers coming with more features. The question you need to ask yourself: Is it okay to wear an inexpensive smartwatch? Or is it wiser to sport a fitness band?

If I am aiming for under Rs 3,000, a fitness band works better. Recently, we had the OPPO Band Style in for review, which has as competition Mi Band 5. Let’s get this out of the way: OPPO or Mi? First, consumer biasness may depend on the brand of phone you are using. For those with OPPO or Vivo devices, the Band Style is quite wristy. There are advantages and drawbacks on both the bands. In case SpO2 reading on the band is a must, then OPPO has your back but if it comes to replying to notifications, Mi does a good job.

And there’s more. Fitness bands can be very boring to look at but OPPO has spruced up things with a metal frame to hold the device module; it looks quite snazzy. Downloading the HeyTap Health app opens up all the functions on the band. The first thing you will notice is the range of watch face customisation. 

On the app, you can play around with quite a few configurations. For example, choose how the heart track sensor will work — record data every second, every two minutes or six minutes. Similarly, choose the way SpO2 reading works. All these choices will determine battery life, which on average uses up 12-14 per cent a day, so expect something between seven to nine days of usage on a single charge.

When it comes to step tracking, the band is spot on. Similarly, sleep tracking is also quite good but there is very little use of the figures you are going to find. There are some useful workout modes, like running and walking. Plus, the band is also water-resistant up to 5ATM, which is good enough to wear the device while swimming or taking a shower.

The SpO2 data has made me happy but I would rather choose my oximetre. The reading was continuously 97-99 per cent. But it takes almost a minute to get a reading, during which you can’t move and it’s better if you don’t speak. Tough!

But make no mistake, the OPPO Band Style lives up to its name with its design factor and also cheers up rough-and-tumble kind with fitness data.

More about it

Device: OPPO Band Style

Price: Rs 2,799

High notes

• Stylish

• Accurate step reading

• Two straps are in the box

Muffled notes

• No support for quick replies

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