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Frozen honey, a trend that has caught the fancy of influencers

This trend dates all the way back to July when Tik Toker Dave Ramirez, with about 5.5 million followers, started it
A colourful array of frozen honey as seen on Candy’s ASMR page on YouTube

Urvashi Bhattacharya   |   Published 20.09.21, 01:38 AM

Where it began

This trend dates all the way back to July when Tik Toker Dave Ramirez, with about 5.5 million followers, started it. Crowned the ‘frozen honey king’, video of him doing the challenge shows him biting into a huge blob of honey after freezing it in a water bottle. *Slow clap*. The king then mentions that this treat is ‘pretty refreshing’.


Why is it big?

In a world where new challenges and trends are what gets you views, Tik Tokers, YouTubers and Instagrammers have turned to consuming frozen honey to keep up. Yes frozen honey! They literally freeze honey in a water bottle, squeeze out the honey and bite into the semi-solid... delight. Not only that, some influencers are making different flavours of the concoction by mixing the honey with soft drinks, Kool-Aid and even spices.

The way the semi-solid honey oozes out of the bottle is fun to watch. And then you just bite the top for a mouthful of honey. Not sure if that is too much but must be a dream for honey lovers! While Winnie the Pooh would have a blast with this new trend, t2 traces the where and why...

Where it began

You might consider it a silly trend but you can’t deny it is big. According to The New Yorker, this particular trend has received 900 million views and counting, worldwide. Eating honey?! Yes.

With the need for views or to get noticed on the Internet, content makers have dived into this trend and added their own twist. Mukbangers have made videos of themselves eating the honey while recording their chewing noises and showing off the different concoctions. Instagram Reel makers and other influencers have added their own spin to the mix by adding colour and sweets. But wait! It does get better! Some people have replaced the pure honey for corn syrup with traces of honey. Frozen corn syrup in a bottle, bon appetite!

How does it taste?

The taste depends on the concoction. With the endless combinations that have been included in the trend, it depends from person to person. From cola-flavoured frozen honey to a spicy bhoot jolokia one, the taste differs. Still being the trend that it is, a huge blob of frozen honey (and/or corn syrup) is not best suited for everyone. @DANYELLIELUHOO on Tik Tok admitted to running to the sink both times she tried it. On the other hand, @lukedidthat on Tik Tok did the challenge with cajun powder... so who’s to say?

How much is too much

A tablespoon of honey or corn syrup is what we are used to having. A blob? Dieticians have warned that such large amounts of honey might lead to weight gain and other related illnesses if you carry on doing it for too long, and short-term ones like rotting teeth and diarrhoea.

You want to jump on the trendwagon and eat your blob of honey or you want your honey to be just a drizzle on your waffles and fruit bowls — the choice is yours!

How to make frozen honey

1. Grab an easily squeezable water bottle.

2. Fill it up to the lid with 100 per cent pure honey or corn syrup. If the honey is not 100 per cent pure it will crystalise.

3. Add your own flavours such as soft drinks, candy, colours and more.

4. Freeze it for a good amount of time.

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