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Fix your smartphone, DIY style

Simple apps can be used to diagnose or resolve problems related to your phones
Instead of looking for a service centre nearby, you can try your hand at fixing the problem yourself.
Instead of looking for a service centre nearby, you can try your hand at fixing the problem yourself.

Surit Doss   |   Published 28.03.22, 12:18 AM

Whether you have an old Android phone or a new one, you should check it from time to time to see if everything is working well.

It is not just a precautionary measure. Sometimes, your phone may be sluggish for no apparent reason. Instead of looking for a service centre nearby, you can try your hand at fixing the problem yourself. Your smartphone is smart enough to fix itself, albeit with a little help from you. That help comes in the form of apps.


Phone diagnostics

Tap the PlayStore app and type “Phone Check and Test”. It will throw up a plethora of apps that will give you a complete rundown of your phone. This also includes a specific app called Phone Check and Test by inPocket Software. Get it from

This tool will give you a complete range of device information such as the name and model, RAM, ROM, hardware, camera, battery and charging socket, thermal stress, GPS tracking and location, CPU et al.

It’s simple. As soon as you open the app, you are on the home page and it straight away gives you an overview that includes CPU load, battery charge and overall usage. The list of other components you need to check is given below that. Just tap any of them to get the complete information.

Phone Doctor Plus

Phone Check and Test is like doing a diagnostic test of your body. The information will be there but you will need a doctor to interpret it. For that, you have the Phone Doctor Plus app.

Phone Doctor examines each part of your phone, with instructions to you like place your finger on the sensor or bring your phone next to your ear and in the end, gives you a complete diagnostic report. It conducts over 30 tests like movement sensors, including gyroscope, accelerometer and proximity sensors, display tests and touchscreen sensitivity.

This app alerts you if there is an issue with your phone. You will find it at

Once you know what is wrong with your phone, the next step is to repair it.

Android quick fix

Repair System for Android is a comparatively new app containing many tools that will stabilise your phone and make it fast and smooth.

Booster RAM optimises the phone’s memory by freeing up space from launched apps other than system services. Repair System scans your Android device and if a bug is found, it is automatically fixed or removed.

You can clear the cache and delete junk files to free up your storage space. An app uninstaller manages your apps and makes it easier for you to uninstal the apps you do not want. Get the app from https:/

Dead pixels

Display devices such as computer monitors, smartphone or TV screens consist of many individual pixels. The function of the pixels is to change colour according to the image that is projected.

A dead pixel fails to change colour and shows up as a black spot. A stuck pixel is when a pixel sticks to red, green or blue and refuses to change. It may be a manufacturing defect or you may have dropped or bumped your phone.

Phone Check and Test and Phone Doctor Plus will detect dead or stuck pixels but cannot repair them. For that, you need Dead Pixels Test and Fix. It is available here:

Touchscreen Repair

The touchscreen of your device may deteriorate over time with use. You may experience touch lags and sometimes your touchscreen stops responding. Touchscreen Repair ( analyses your touchscreen response time and reduces it so you can have a smoother experience. It also makes it easier for you to type on your keypad.

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