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Tuesday, November 21, 2017


Mother molecule

These tiny molecules may remind you of a doting mother who guides her baby along the right path and tries her best to remove all obstacles in the child's life. In the parlance of molecular biology, they are called chaperones. They help proteins - ......   | Read..


The Kayentatherium, a Mesozoic-era mammal, is pictured in this illustration with a pair of Dilophosaurus in the background and the prehistoric turtle Kayentachelys in the foreground. A new study su......   | Read..

Eye on the sky

Most scholars consider Albert Einstein's General Theory of Relativity as scientifically rich as well as mathematically elegant. One of the path-breaking ideas put forward in it was the concept of s......   | Read..


Warmth ruins bloom pattern...   | Read..

Planet acid

The 23rd round of UN-led climate change talks (COP23) starts today in Bonn, Germany, to discuss the alarming rise of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. A network of over 250 scientists, in the meant......   | Read..


An asteroid hunter's snap...   | Read..

Where the mind is without fear

1. In this David vs Goliath fight, David may not have won but did give the Iraqi Army the run for its money. The victory at Mosul was possible because the Iraqi Army didn't forget the lessons learn......   | Read..


Theropods are a dinosaur group that includes the bloodthirsty Tyrannosaurus rex. But over millions of years, these fearsome beasts evolved into today's birds, replacing their terrifying teeth ......   | Read..


What would happen if a body from outer space hit Earth is a question that has exercised scientists and the general public alike. Of course, movies and TV shows exaggerate the effects - the Earth is......   | Read..


The out-of-control Chinese space station Tianggong-1, or "Heavenly Place", is going to crash into Earth soon. After months of speculation, in 2016, officials confirmed they had lost contr......   | Read..

Fire in the fly

When did you last hold a firefly in the palm of your hand? Or, bottle them for a night lamp? Even just notice them light up the evening? Definitely not very recently. For, those lights of the night......   | Read..


Elon Musk’s moon shot...   | Read..
Mother molecule