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Thursday, February 22, 2018


Indelible footprints

Call it the tyranny of distance or pillory it as metropolitan distance, the sad reality is that politics in the northeast of India has traditionally been viewed as a sideshow, and a quaint one at that. While developments in Assam - the eldest of t......   | Read..

How to stop the looting machine

Despite the staggering scale of their larceny, Nirav Modi and Vijay Mallya are hardly the only Indians who have successfully salted away large sums to unknown shores. The p......   | Read..

One expansive venue

On the eve of his departure from Japan on June 20, 1924, Rabindranath Tagore noted the patience and time its people took "to give beauty to everything that is for dail......   | Read..

A humane alternative

Open prisons are prisons without bars. It is a trust-based system modelled on the principle of self-governance by the prisoners. The latter live with their families in thes......   | Read..

Dance of politicians

Savarna can mean an astrologer, or a son of a Brahmin man and a Kshatriya mother, or of the same colour, appearance, caste or tribe. That was in ancient Sanskrit; more rece......   | Read..
Letters to the Editor

Great loss

• Sir - The demise of Asma Jahangir, a human rights activist from Pakistan,... | Read»

Attitude problem

• Sir - The outbreak of diarrhoea in pockets of southeastern Calcutta has c... | Read»

Out of control

• Sir - The recent incident of mass shooting in a school in Florida brings ... | Read»

Gentlemen's club

• Sir - The field of science has a problem ("Her story in science", Feb 14)... | Read»


Deep rumbles

The Supreme Court's verdict on February 7 that scrapped the second renewal of 88 iron ore mining leases in Goa has shone the spotlight on the insidious ways that crony capi......   | Read..

Red Flag

A red flag has been raised. The Food Safety Authority of India, which regularly warns the public about the dangerous lifestyle of Indian children, has proposed to colour co......   | Read..

Mean Machines

Don't bother asking if jobs are being lost to computers. Of course they are, and the current wave of populist political revolts in Western countries is what Luddism looks l......   | Read..

Death by choice

In a corner of Mumbai, an old man and a woman are eagerly waiting for - in fact looking forward to - a visit from the Grim Reaper. Iravati and Narayan Lavate, she is 78 and......   | Read..
bullet He who cannot be named
bullet Taking a break
bullet Backroom boys
bullet Wonder days
Deity who made kings
Bright music
HOME FIRE By Kamila Shamsie, Bloomsbury, Rs 599...   | Read..
Quite humane
THE LAST VICEREINE:A NOVEL By Rhiannon Jenkins Tsang, Penguin, Rs 399...   | Read..
The new royal
WE THAT ARE YOUNG By Preti Taneja,Hamish Hamilton, Rs 599...   | Read..
Following the trail of bread crumbs and tarts
Of all the things that make people happy, nothing is as popular or as fulfilling as food. Eating may seem ordinary, everyday, even obvious. But food can be both something to be consumed as well as ......   | Read..
Paperback Picking

Trump up the truth

Enjoyable in parts
First things first: it is always desirable that people organizing tributes be careful about the sensitivities that go into making an evening a memorable one. So, when Purobi paid tribute to the leg......   | Read..
A myriad reflections
Visual Arts
It's a pleasant surprise to see that Reflection of Another Day or RAD has survived a quarter century and, going by its recent Annual at Birla Academy, has even thrived. Not only were there 30 parti......   | Read..
Eternal charm
The four day music festival organized by Behala Sanskritik Sammilani in association with The Telegraph evoked the city's love for Indian classical music. Along with the eminent names, young vocalis......   | Read..