The lion's share

Thomas Piketty is famous for his detailed studies of income distribution. Recently, he published his results on income distribution in India since 1922, together with his colleague, Lucas Chancel, in the World Inequality Lab. They are striking and, unless one is an unreformed rightist, disturbing.
Writing on the wall
Ashok V. Desai
Sep 18, 2018 00:00 IST

Data plans

The Original Series, and used single-handed removable read/write memory media much before the invention of the 3.5-inch floppy disks of the late 1980s. Science fiction has always showed the way for data storage, much ahead of time. For example, the Platinum Alloy Disc for data record storage in the book, Triplanetary (1934), by E.E. 'Doc' Smith, was certainly the DVDs of the 1930s.
Atanu Biswas Sep 18, 2018 00:00 IST

System glitch

The response of the former governor of the Reserve Bank of India, Raghuram Rajan, to the parliamentary estimates committee's query on non-performing assets has triggered off the usual fault-finding exercise. According to the former governor, NPAs began to grow rapidly during the United Progressive Alliance government's time and then continued in the National Democratic Alliance regime. 
Sep 18, 2018 00:00 IST

More poison

The environment makes poor business sense. This seems to be the bedrock of the philosophy propounded by the president of the United States of America. What else can explain Donald Trump's repeated attempts to weaken institutions that seek to safeguard what is left of threatened ecosystems around the world. 
Sep 18, 2018 00:00 IST

New hope; Historic haul; Time for change; Parting shot

New hope

• Sir - It is a matter of great joy that a lioness in South Africa successf... | Read»

Historic haul

• Sir - India's performance at the recently-concluded Asian Games in Jakart... | Read»

Time for change

• Sir - It was heartening to learn that the Union health ministry has decid... | Read»

Parting shot

• Sir - Last month, I had left my jacket in the air-conditioned chair car o... | Read»

Sep 18, 2018 00:00 IST

Crony fugitives

Arun Jaitley, widely regarded as the most articulate minister in the Narendra Modi government, added a strange phrase - "factually false" - to the nation's vocabulary last week.
Worm's Eye View
Manini Chatterjee
Sep 17, 2018 00:00 IST

Preach not

In a sermon on the mount, Hispreaching Son Shylla was exhorting the audience to vote for his party, the All Party Hill Leaders Conference, in the 1993 Meghalaya Assembly elections. "Breathe, breathe," he appeared to say in a fervent yogic chant. "Breathe... out!"
Sudipta Bhattacharjee Sep 17, 2018 00:00 IST

Hard talk

Pep talks may unite a party but divide a nation. That seems to be the message that can be gleaned from the recent speech that the president of the Bharatiya Janata Party delivered in Rajasthan. Amit Shah thundered that the BJP's political juggernaut has rolled on in spite of the reservations expressed by 'liberals' on Mohammad Akhlaque's lynching in Dadri. Mr Shah also added for good measure that his party remains committed to expel illegal immigrants. 
Sep 17, 2018 00:00 IST


Is suicide a disease? One of the findings in the five studies on the statewise analysis of non-communicable diseases based on data from India as part of the Global Burden of Disease report between 1990 and 2016 shows that 37 per cent of the total number of suicides among women all over the world occurs in India. 
Sep 17, 2018 00:00 IST

Speak well; Disruptive tactics; Spend wisely; True legend

Speak well

• Sir - The vice-president of India, Venkaiah Naidu, recently remarked at a... | Read»

Disruptive tactics

• Sir - It seems that the main Opposition party in India, the Congress, and... | Read»

Spend wisely

• Sir - The chief minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee, announced recen... | Read»

True legend

• Sir - Alastair Cook, the most successful left-handed batsman in Test cric... | Read»

Sep 17, 2018 00:00 IST

Desis in Goa

For the generation of middle-class desis who went to college in the mid-Seventies, Goa was Mario Miranda and Anjuna beach. Mario because he was a marvellous cartoonist who created a gallery of Goan types and Anjuna because it was a nude beach. I remember making my pilgrimage to Anjuna in 1977 after the last of my B.A. exams. In just this spirit of voyeuristic reverence did slightly older contemporaries set off for Rishikesh to gawk at the Beatles; rock stars and nude beaches were our chance to catch a first-hand glimpse of Elsewhere.
Mukul Kesavan Sep 16, 2018 00:00 IST


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