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Saturday, March 17, 2018


The price of dogma

Here is a counter-factual: what if the Communist Party of India (Marxist) had installed statues of Bhagat Singh in Tripura? Would they have been vandalized by the BJP cadre after the CPI(M) was voted out of power in that state?...   | Read..

Enclosed thinking

In a slave society, one can argue, the interest of the slaves lies in keeping the slave owner happy, for  otherwise  he is likely to flog and whip them mercilessl......   | Read..

The man of steel

A CENTURY IS NOT ENOUGH By Sourav Ganguly,Juggernaut, Rs 699...   | Read..

Planning for surprises

One of the perennial points of discussion about Indian fiscal policy has been the trade-off between fiscal consolidation and the need to maintain an expansionary fiscal pol......   | Read..

A culture to be built on prejudices

In The Ground Beneath Her Feet, Salman Rushdie wrote, "What's a culture? A group of micro-organisms grown in a nutrient substance under controlled conditions. A squirm......   | Read..
Letters to the Editor

Uncover the truth

• Sir - Time and again there is talk of bringing back what is considered to... | Read»

Change tack

• Sir - Sonia Gandhi continues to refuse the present prime minister any vir... | Read»

Plug the holes

• Sir - The introduction of the fugitive economic offenders bill is a step ... | Read»

Parting shot

• Sir - The article, "Serious problem" (March 13), has hurt the religious s... | Read»


Growl and bite

The US's new tariffs on imports suggest that Donald Trump is opening a front for a bruising trade war...   | Read..

Misread signs

They trudged for miles, some of them overnight, to Sonamura and Kailashahar in Tripura to hear Prime Minister Narendra Modi last month, barely 10 days before the recently-c......   | Read..
bullet Smart bread
bullet Failure is the path to success
bullet Tell a tale the right way
bullet Vending bubbly happiness
bullet Footnote
A turn in the South
The train that runs between Chennai, from where I write this review, and Calcutta, where it is published, goes by the name of Coromandel Express. One five-star hotel in Chennai is called Taj Coroma......   | Read..
Body politics
A HISTORY OF DRESSING AND UNDRESSING AROUND THE WORLD By Mineke Schipper, Speaking Tiger, Rs 499...   | Read..
Deceptive laughter
Born a Crime is a collection of stories of Trevor Noah's childhood in South Africa. The work reveals a South Africa infested with crime, violence and segregation. (Noah was born of a white Swi......   | Read..
Something wicked this way comes
Beware the ides of March, the soothsayer warns Julius Caesar in Shakespeare's play of the same name. The bard's pithy turn of phrase has gone down in history. But few know that the sense of doom th......   | Read..
Paperback Picking
In focus
• Nat 'King' Cole, the jazz legend, was born on March 17, 1919. Although an expert in traditional jazz, he was widely known for his flamboyant improvizations that bordered on pop. Cole started......   | Read..
Bright notes
The 15th annual music festival of Paramparik, in association with The Telegraph, was striking because of the variations of technique and style. The vocal recital by Mahendra Toke was fresh. Althoug......   | Read..
Timely focus
With International Women's Day still within short-term recall, it seems relevant to spotlight two current all-female Bengali plays, each featuring nine actresses, making them rare productions in Be......   | Read..
Flaky parchment and brittle terrain
Visual Arts
What a problem of plenty this is. Plenty of quite presentable works packed in a single show, the Birla Academy Annual, which fairly screams to be split into two parts: one, the themed invitee secti......   | Read..