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Thursday, January 18, 2018


Vesuvius postponed

The indignation that Rohit Sharma's continuing presence in the Indian Test team provokes on social media tells us very little about Rohit Sharma but a great deal about the people outraging. The futility of the criticism comes of applying the expec......   | Read..

An active culture of predation

The year, 2017, began with the 'Women's March' on Washington DC and ended with the 'Me Too' campaign combined with the ignominious sexual assault allegations in Hollywood a......   | Read..

A light in the dark

It is so utterly dark that you need to reassure yourself that you possess a right hand by reaching out and touching it with your left. The others who are gathered with you ......   | Read..

Festivity, populism and power

Those who fret that community pujas in Calcutta are getting highly politicized must remember that they had been started in 1910 to support a political ideology. The first c......   | Read..

Race for the new

Innovation is the most powerful force behind material progress; it increases productivity of people and resources, and introduces new products and techniques. Advanced coun......   | Read..
Letters to the Editor

Crumbling glory

• Sir- It is a matter of shame that some historical monuments in India have... | Read»

Unjust move

• Sir - It has been reported that a police complaint has been filed by the ... | Read»

Bite cautiously

• Sir - The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India has issued an aler... | Read»


Invisible people

A house may not always be a home. But it does provide shelter, a luxury that many cannot afford. The census of 2011 puts India's homeless population at 1.77 million. Accord......   | Read..

Tighter hug

Benjamin Netanyahu's six-day outing to India, a few months after Narendra Modi graced Israel's shores, is not an ordinary moment. The Israeli prime minister's trip heralds ......   | Read..

Be the best

Expectations often do not match reality. Presidency University's latest predicament is a near perfect example of that dilemma. A number of suggestions and counter-suggestio......   | Read..
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Breaking the myth
AN APPRAISAL OF THE MAHATMA'S LEGACY By Rajmohan Gandhi, Aleph, Rs 499...   | Read..
Language of art
A SITE-SPECIFIC INSTALLATION, VICTORIA MEMORIAL, CALCUTTA, 1998 By Vivan Sundaram, Tulika, Rs 1,950...   | Read..
Ten thousand thundering typhoons
Great Snakes! It has been 88 years since the Belgian boy journalist, Tintin, first made an appearance. The young scribe was not exactly an instant success but his enduring appeal has ensured that m......   | Read..
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Smells like fear