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Wednesday, January 24, 2018


Grossly opaque

This is the season for assessing the performance of the Indian economy during the financial year drawing to a close and the imminent budget announcements that will reveal what the government intends to do for the forthcoming year. The one single i......   | Read..

Ranji is turning in his grave

Even as cricket lovers in India had their eyes glued to their team’s preparation for the first Test match in South Africa in a tour that is now turning out to be a bi......   | Read..

The mellow season

While returning to the mothership city after eight months, Calcutta starts to welcome me back at New Delhi railway station itself. It's not that I've been missing the city,......   | Read..

On a steep climb

This is the year to stop Brexit. There will not be another chance. If by the end of this year the British Parliament has approved a transition agreement with the 27 other m......   | Read..

His own speech

Our first president took office on our first Republic Day - January 26, 1950. Our first prime minister entered his office on the day India became independent - August 15, 1......   | Read..

Friends, Bromance, Bhaktmen, We're here

Yaahuu has embraced HotMale. No, the other way round. HotMale has embraced Yaahuu. Actually, in point of fact, the embrace is the shape of such symmetric unison, it's tough......   | Read..

By the Versailles Palace, a flat

At Gare De Versailles-Chantiers railway station, the chatter around will tell you that all roads lead to Chateau de Versailles. But for our group, the palace is not the onl......   | Read..

Power Pack; Mere Pas Ram Hai; Heads And Tales

Power PackMere Pas Ram HaiHeads And Tales...   | Read..

Above all else

Watching Virat Kohli play two exquisite square drives against Australia in March 2016, I had tweeted: "There goes my boyhood hero G.R. Viswanath from my all time India......   | Read..

Wealth of wisdom

Let me begin with a hypothetical calculation for which I should first prepare the ground. Production occurs through the application of labour to a stock of means of product......   | Read..

Vesuvius postponed

The indignation that Rohit Sharma's continuing presence in the Indian Test team provokes on social media tells us very little about Rohit Sharma but a great deal about the ......   | Read..

An active culture of predation

The year, 2017, began with the 'Women's March' on Washington DC and ended with the 'Me Too' campaign combined with the ignominious sexual assault allegations in Hollywood a......   | Read..

A light in the dark

It is so utterly dark that you need to reassure yourself that you possess a right hand by reaching out and touching it with your left. The others who are gathered with you ......   | Read..

Festivity, populism and power

Those who fret that community pujas in Calcutta are getting highly politicized must remember that they had been started in 1910 to support a political ideology. The first c......   | Read..

Race for the new

Innovation is the most powerful force behind material progress; it increases productivity of people and resources, and introduces new products and techniques. Advanced coun......   | Read..

Get the smell right

When the Bharatiya Janata Party came to power in 2014, the apprehension in academic publishers' minds that sales of liberal and Left books might suffer was offset by the as......   | Read..

Grey eminences

Four senior Supreme Court judges have just accused the chief justice of India of misusing his prerogative as master of the roster. Unlike the US Supreme Court, where the ni......   | Read..

Dead men talk via the not dead

The past is nothing if it has no recall; the future a waste if it can be foretold; the present is but what passes between memory and what will become memory before this sen......   | Read..

The King And I, etcetera

Iam not a time-traveller. But I believe I met Maharaja Ranjit Singh in a museum named after him in Amritsar. I did not have to go back in time to greet the founder of the S......   | Read..

Pardonne Moi; Laissez Faire; Ban Appetit; Les Misérables

Pardonne Moi

Damage control

Sir — It is unfortunate that the Gurusaday Museum is on the verge of shutti... | Read»

Dubious welcome

Sir — The welcoming hug extended by the Indian prime minister, Narendra Mod... | Read»


Age of unreason

his comprehension of the Darwinian principle, one of the foundational tenets of modern scientific thought, seems hazy. All this would have been comical had the statement co......   | Read..

Plug the gaps

The Narendra Modi government has finally decided to crack the whip to stop taxpayers from dodging payment of the goods and service tax on their business revenues. Weak enfo......   | Read..

On a full stomach

While the sight of children intently concentrating on classroom activities or playing with their friends on the school playground is worth cherishing, it also leaves one wo......   | Read..
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bullet The top prize goes to...
bullet Ladies at war
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bullet Secret trophy
Cutting across cultures
Lens refocused
In the good books of the fair lady
For the majority of schoolchildren, studying is not the most enjoyable activity. Kids may still prefer to go to school and be in the company of friends and peers. But learning lessons is always the......   | Read..
Paperback Picking

Listen to the past

Radical moves
The Wayne McGregor show that came to Calcutta courtesy the British Council was a unique and radical exposition of contemporary dance. But what it also did, both in form and content, was offer intim......   | Read..
Rare revivals
Bengali plays by writers active two or three decades ago are seeing revivals now. Dipendra Sengupta, perhaps best known for Gabbu Khela, composed Bijaner Char Deoyal in 1984 as an embittered drama ......   | Read..
A colourful study in contrasts
Visual Arts
Infused with a new life, the Society of Contemporary Artists had two simultaneous shows recently at the Birla Academy. One was the group's Annual; the other, Graphics Album, hosted by the instituti......   | Read..
In focus
• The legendary dancer, Mrinalini Sarabhai, passed away at the age of 97 in January 2016. Trained in Bharatnatyam, Mohiniattam, Kathakali, Manipuri and Kuchipudi, Sarabhai used the movement vo......   | Read..