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Thursday, March 22, 2018


A rash of proclamations

One of the great charms of 'quality' British newspapers is the Obituaries page where the lives of a few recently departed notables are celebrated. It is a page that commemorates both the truly famous - politicians, actors, scientists, sports perso......   | Read..

The challenges to transparency

The Right to Information Act raised the promise of a true participatory democracy with empowered citizens. It also raised the hope of citizens being treated with respect an......   | Read..

Game of powers

Questions are being asked in foreign policy circuits whether multilateralism is under threat today. This concern has arisen anew with the ascendancy of Donald Trump to the ......   | Read..

Worn out at the edge

Information given to the Rajya Sabha last year revealed that since 2014, there had been 425 suicides in the armed forces - 335 in the army, 18 in the navy and 72 in the IAF......   | Read..

Road to advantage

Shining, good looking king - that is what Nursultan Nazarbayev means. It is not far from what he has been - he became prime minister of Kazakhstan in 1984, and its presiden......   | Read..
Letters to the Editor

Helping hand

• Sir - Most of the horses that pull hackney carriages along the Maidan are... | Read»

Early warning

• Sir - The recent setback suffered by the Bharatiya Janata Party in the by... | Read»


Stalled house

A cancelled dinner can provide food for thought. A miffed vice-president - he is also the chairman of the Rajya Sabha - M. Venkaiah Naidu, has decided to call off a dinner ......   | Read..

Serious concern

Death might be a great leveller, but the same, perhaps, cannot be said of the death penalty. The need for the latter has always been debated. Interestingly, two Indian stat......   | Read..

Good choice

Do we need professionals for India's development? The usual answer to this question is a decided 'yes'. We need engineers, doctors, administrators, scientists, managers, la......   | Read..

That Sinking Feeling

What Bengal thinks today, Thailand had done decades ago. The 'floating market' in Patuli, a suburb in the southeastern part of Calcutta, is, in the words of Firhad Hakim, t......   | Read..
bullet Having the last laugh
bullet No place for unfair remarks
bullet Time to make a new friend
bullet Another way of saying goodbye
bullet Luck does not favour all
bullet Hope springs eternal
A turn in the South
The train that runs between Chennai, from where I write this review, and Calcutta, where it is published, goes by the name of Coromandel Express. One five-star hotel in Chennai is called Taj Coroma......   | Read..
Body politics
A HISTORY OF DRESSING AND UNDRESSING AROUND THE WORLD By Mineke Schipper, Speaking Tiger, Rs 499...   | Read..
Deceptive laughter
Born a Crime is a collection of stories of Trevor Noah's childhood in South Africa. The work reveals a South Africa infested with crime, violence and segregation. (Noah was born of a white Swi......   | Read..
Something wicked this way comes
Beware the ides of March, the soothsayer warns Julius Caesar in Shakespeare's play of the same name. The bard's pithy turn of phrase has gone down in history. But few know that the sense of doom th......   | Read..
Paperback Picking
In focus
• Nat 'King' Cole, the jazz legend, was born on March 17, 1919. Although an expert in traditional jazz, he was widely known for his flamboyant improvizations that bordered on pop. Cole started......   | Read..
Bright notes
The 15th annual music festival of Paramparik, in association with The Telegraph, was striking because of the variations of technique and style. The vocal recital by Mahendra Toke was fresh. Althoug......   | Read..
Timely focus
With International Women's Day still within short-term recall, it seems relevant to spotlight two current all-female Bengali plays, each featuring nine actresses, making them rare productions in Be......   | Read..
Flaky parchment and brittle terrain
Visual Arts
What a problem of plenty this is. Plenty of quite presentable works packed in a single show, the Birla Academy Annual, which fairly screams to be split into two parts: one, the themed invitee secti......   | Read..