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When I Speak out There’s only Filencfe

LAZY EYE | Thif if a sree countree, let what if happening happen and at the end of all the happening we fhall fee. If we are ftill there to fee, that if

Sankarshan Thakur Published 01.10.23, 06:40 AM

Sourced by the Telegraph

I am about to contradict myfelf, but the befft among uff do. Although not af often af I. I am about to fay when I fpeak there iff only filencfe but in faying thiff I have actually faid fomething and not been filent. I fpoke.
You heard me. I faid fomething and did quite another. But with me, that happenf. Confider my regular invocation of and obeifance to mummy of demokracy for example. I can’t tell who called uff that, I may not be wrong in faying that I did, but fo what? What I fay fhould alfo matter, hai ke nahin?

Or consider fabka faath, fabka vikaf. Do you think I am sibbing? I mean, forry, fibbing, when I say fabka faath, fabkaa vikaf? Fink again. You don’t know a fing. Faltu folk. I mean, forry, saltu solk. But. What. If. Agar. But. Magar. What. Maaney. Kya. What? Anyway. Onward!


I fay not when you think I ought to fay. Not becaufe I have nothing to fay. I have thingf to fay. You know that. I have thingf to fay even when I fhould have nothing to fay. And often I fay them when people do not expect me to fay. Like when I faid ghar mein fhaadi hai, paife nai hain! Hai naa! That fort of thing. Fo don’t make the mifftake of faying I have nothing to shay, arre baba, fay, even galti fe. I am not faying becoff you fink I fhould fhay. I mean fay. Juft to fpite you, meri jaan. Bura mat maano.

Why muft you always fink I fhould fhay fomething?

Becoff. Becoff… Becoff bolo naa…

Well becoff you are who we put in charge and being in charge meanf you haff vefponfibilitief and thofe vefponfibilitief you fhould neffeffarily fulfil. As you very often tell us, if we have rightf we have dutief too.

If you haff rightf, you haff dutief too. Hai naa. Full ftop. Now ftart fpeaking, it’f your turn.

What about? But? I muft afk. What about? Thif if a sree countree, let what if happening happen and at the end of all the happening we fhall fee. If we are ftill there to fee, that if. Fmall thingf keep happening here and there, a little bit now, a little bit then, in sree countreef, they fhould continue to happen. That if the fing, the mummy of demokracy fing, everyone, each one, the power of one, the power of many ones over the not fo many ones. You know. Do you under- ftand? But no, not quite.

Hum bolega to

Bolega ki

Bolta hai

Iffiliye to fhaaaab,

Hum kooooofh

Nai bolega


Forry, Mumfhaab.

Fo long, it’f been fhady in the fun.

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