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Please loosen your seatbelts

If you cannot feel the flying you will fail the test of Faith
We flew out of everywhere. On all kinds of wings.
We flew out of everywhere. On all kinds of wings.

Sankarshan Thakur   |   Published 04.09.22, 02:56 AM

We are in it, in the greatest, most enchanting story of all time —NectarCaal. It is another matter that some of us choose not to see it,or hear it, or feel it, or be part of it and rejoice in it like it were a rush of ecstasy like no other, but we are in it, aren’t we? You will be too. Your not being part is not acceptable. No matter what you do, how you insulate yourself and deny what is around us, the truth is the truth. It cannot be denied or pushed away for far too long.

What will you do, after all? Shut your eyes? Plug your ears? Sheath your senses in unfeeling? Chalo, dekh lo. But you are still in the story, we all are. This is a ride, the most rapturous ride of all time, this is heading into the ever afters like nothing else — swish-swoosh-whoosh-chopchop- vroooooom-pla-pla-pla-pla-pla- plu-pluplu-plu-poooooo! Phhaachaaaak! Not it’s not what you think, no, you filthy mind.

And no we haven’t crashed. Not yet. It is just the sound of our wings whipping the winds. Never heard it? Well, hear it now, for the first time ever, like many for the first time ever, hear it, hear it, feel it. PLA-pla-plapla-pla-pla-plaplu-plu-plu-plupoooo!

This churning energy that will find a way to go everywhere — up your nostrils, into the crevices of your underarms, rippling your pulls and tapping your cornea, Can’t you see why this is unmissable? No? But you are not meant to. You must feel it. You have to. It is your national duty. Feel it!

We are flying. So you are flying. You must fly. If you are not flying, you are not doing your duty. Try to feel the flying. This is about Faith. If you cannot feel the flying you will fail the test of Faith. If you do not believe you are flying when you are told you are flying, if you cannot feel and yell out you can’t feel it. You shall fail the test. Then you will question things, and God knows what all you will question. That is the danger. For you, you ehmak! Not for us. We are the impresarios of NectarCaal, you are being subjected to it. Better feel it. And don’t say you can’t, for then we shall take it upon ourselves to feel it. It is a Faith thing. You are not allowed to say you cannot feel it. You are not allowed to say such things about Faith. What would you not believe, hain? We flew. We flew out of everywhere. On all kinds of wings. From hostile kingdoms to blackwater prisons. You didn’t know? You aren’t allowed not to know. Please know. Please be part. Please fall in line, and from there you’ll be able to clearly see: Chidi Udi!

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