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Yes People And No People

Who gets to decide which is which? Take your pick
Yes People And No People
Yes People And No People

Sankarshan Thakur   |   Published 02.08.20, 12:05 AM

The world, our world, is no longer the world it used to be because the world, our world, got changed and became this world and that world and there lay in between the two worlds a chasm for the rest, the woebegone rest, to fall into. Yeh jo world hai na world, this is no longer a world. Or our world.

Because now, defined to us, is the righteous world, and there is the world that has nothing righteous about it. And the righteous world is the world that decides. When it is the yes world, you say yes; when it is the no world, you say no. It is not about the YesPeople and the NoPeople, it is about who decides the righteousness of the YesPeople and the NoPeople. Now it is right to be YesPeople. Now it is right to be NoPeople. And, therefore: now it is wrong to be NoPeople and now it is right to be NoPeople. Understand? It’s complicated. That is what they say when they do not know how to describe things the way they may be or may not be: It’s complicated. So guess. At your own peril. Etcetera. Go away, it’s complicated. Go figure.

Who gets to decide which is which? Take your pick. And tell me when you’re ready. Even if it is too late to tell me. Do tell me, I shall have my ears flapping for what was right and what was wrong, and how you came to arrive at what was right and what was wrong, what you said yes to, what you said no to.

I should wish upon you the benediction of being able to judge this from that, right from wrong, the right Yes from the wrong Yes, the wrong No from the right No.

Our world became This or That. You are either Right or you are Wrong. You are either with Us or you are against Us. There are no spaces in between. We are in judged spaces, and only in spaces that are judged and pronounced upon. This or That. With or Not. Right or Wrong. Yes or No. There lies nothing in between. It is Black or it is White. And it is Black or it is White from where you are looking at what may be White or what may be Black. My White could be your Black, your Black could be my White. There is no Grey where there could be a bit of White and a bit of Black, and therefore, there could be a space to meet and discuss the Black and the White, the Right and the Wrong, the Yes and the No.

We are in the purity of things, no mixing, no dilution. It is like the Races. Remember the Pure Races? And what that idea begot? White was right, Black was wrong and the wrong had to be done away with. Or, who knows, Black may someday be right and White may someday be wrong and that White would have to be done away with. Purity is such; it begets impurity. It tells you absolute things. Like No is always right and Yes is always wrong. Or vice versa. No room for doubt, no room for could be or may be or perhaps or probably. Such unutterably utter words. Abrogate them. Sweep the place clean, get some clarity here, like the clarity of absolute purity.

That sort of clarity, that sort of extermination of wondering over This or That. There is This.

Or there is That. There is no room to question. Question This. Or question That. Make your choice, people: Are you This? Or are you That? Are you YesPeople or are you NoPeople? You are either with us or you are on the other side. Simple. Simplified. If you are not NoPeople, you must be YesPeople.

YesPeople, such a pathetic lot. They said yes, even to wrong things. NoPeople, such a glorious lot. They said No. Even to right things.
But NoPeople seek their own YesPeople. They seek more YesPeople saying yes to NoPeople because that is the right and noble thing to do: The things NoPeople do by becoming YesPeople to NoPeople.

This you don’t and this you do
But who am I to tell you
If this you do and that you don’t
I have to tell you what you won’t

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