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Letters to the Editor: The bliss of solitude and its effects on ideation

Readers write in from Calcutta, Kazipet, Hazaribag, Hooghly, Murshidabad, Chennai and Mumbai

The Editorial Board Published 09.06.23, 04:13 AM

Get an idea

Sir — Getting the creative juices flowing can be arduous. This is why most offices conduct brainstorming sessions, wherein professionals come together to help one another ideate. But such sessions are often regarded with scepticism. Research has shown that office huddles do not have any real benefit. In fact, they cause unnecessary disruptions in the workday. On the other hand, studies have revealed that individual thinking leads to more innovation. Some of our best ideas come to us when we are ruminating by ourselves. Is it surprising, then, that Archimedes had his ‘Eureka moment’ while taking a bath?


Dhruv Khanna,Mumbai

Double tragedy

Sir — It is unfortunate that an explosion inside the Kakhovka dam in southern Ukraine, a critical hydroelectric power plant, has led to large-scale flooding and hardships on both sides of the border (“Floods engulf homes”, June 8). This has brought out a scary new dimension of the ongoing war. Russia and Ukraine have blamed each other for the explosion. The humanitarian disaster has prompted the evacuation of hundreds of civilians in both countries.

Public buildings have hitherto been spared in conflicts. Sadly, this unspoken convention has been broken in the Ukraine war. The destruction of the dam must thus be considered a war crime and the side responsible for it must be held accountable.

Gregory Fernandes,Mumbai

Divisive agenda

Sir — In the aftermath of the Balasore triple train tragedy, several fringe groups have been spreading misinformation on social media that there was a mosque near the accident site, implying that members of the Muslim community were involved in the disaster. Such attempts to give communal colour to the tragedy are deplorable. It can also be a ploy to divert attention from the accident.

The timely intervention of the Odisha Police, which has warned of legal action against those spreading disinformation, was reassuring. A religious building — be it a church, a temple or a mosque — along the railway tracks is not a rare sight in India. The communal spin is proof of the extent to which religious polarisation has spread in the country.

Zakir Hussain,Kazipet, Telangana

Sir — It was heartening to see the collective effort of the people living around the accident site in Balasore, irrespective of their caste, creed and religion, to provide all possible support to the rescue operations. This is symbolic of the Indian spirit of unity.

Any attempt to break this unity along communal lines is despicable. It exposes the ulterior motive of political parties to try to stay in power by dividing the masses.

Tharcius S. Fernando,Chennai

Think again

Sir — The move to reduce subsidies for electric two-wheeler vehicles under the FAME scheme is likely to lead to a major decline in sales. This will have an adverse impact on manufacturing and pose long-term challenges to achieving India’s emission reduction goals. The government should thus reconsider its decision.

The government must take steps to boost domestic manufacturing. This will not only create job opportunities but will also make India self-reliant in the sustainable energy sector. Favourable policies and long-term support to this sector must be prioritised.

Bishal Kumar Saha,Murshidabad

Top spot

Sir — The Indian Institute of Technology, Madras has retained the top spot in the National Institute Ranking Framework for the fifth consecutive year, performing well on all five parameters. This is commendable.

The NIRF rankings serve as a valuable guide for students and parents in selecting academic institutes of their choice. The rankings should thus be fair and based on updated and accurate data submitted by the institutions.

Amarjeet Kumar,Hazaribag, Jharkhand

Sir — It is a matter of great pride for the people of Tamil Nadu that IIT, Madras has secured the top spot in the NIRF ranking for five years in a row. Students of IIT, Madras are provided with the best exposure to the practical concepts of engineering.

Additionally, the institute has its own research park that aids innovation on the technological front. A faculty of international repute, competent technical and supporting staff, and effective administration have contributed to the institute’s pre-eminent status.

Ranganathan Sivakumar,Chennai

Sir — IIT, Madras topping the NIRF rankings does not change the fact that there have been four cases of suicide in the institution this year. These must be investigated.

Sukanta Dutta,Hooghly

Parting shot

Sir — It is sad that the act­or, Gufi Paintal — best known for portraying Sha­kuni in the television series, Mahabharata — has passed away at the age of 78. Even though he acted in several Hindi films, it was his skilled dialogue delivery as Shakuni that catapulted him to national fame.

Vijay Singh Adhikari,Nainital

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