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Letters to the Editor: Long-term psychological intervention can boost one’s economic prospects, says research

Readers write in from Hyderabad, Sholavandan, Madhya Pradesh, Calcutta, Visakhapatnam and Nadia

The Editorial Board Published 12.01.24, 06:27 AM
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Stress buster

Sir — The declining mental health of the global population is making more people opt for psychotherapy. While the benefits of psychotherapy cannot be overemphasised, there might be an additional incentive for some to see a psychiatrist. Recent research has suggested that long-term psychological intervention can boost one’s economic prospects — by analysing the root causes of discontent, attention to mental health might help the person make smarter financial decisions in life. However, given the prohibitive cost of psychotherapy sessions, this may be a catch-22 situation for more than half of the global population.


Kanika Gupta, Hyderabad

No thanks

Sir — After a significant amount of dilly-dallying, the Congress has finally decided not to attend the inauguration of the Ram temple (“Congress no to Ayodhya event”, Jan 11). Leaders of the Grand Old Party have opined that the consecration ceremony is a political project of the Bharatiya Janata Party, aimed at reaping political dividends. Unsurprisingly, the saffron party has denounced the Congress’s decision as ‘anti-Hindu’.

The inauguration has been scheduled at a time when the construction of the temple is still not complete. This vindicates the Congress’s barb against the BJP. It must be noted that four prominent shankaracharyas have also ruled out attending the inaugural event, arguing that observing the pran pratishtha ceremony of the idol of Ram without completing the construction of the temple is a violation of the Hindu religious norm (“Shankaracharyas raise objection”, Jan 11).

M. Jeyaram, Sholavandan, Tamil Nadu

Sir — The decision of the Congress leaders to stay away from the consecration ceremony of the Ram temple is welcome. The BJP has been exploiting majoritarian Hindu sentiments to consolidate its vote bank. The party’s political posturing relying on brazen Hindutva — epitomised by the Ram mandir movement and the presence of seers during the inauguration ceremony of the new Parliament building last year — is a calculated strategy to garner votes. That the consecration has been timed keeping in mind the Lok Sabha poll is further evidence of this.

Avinash Godboley, Dewas, Madhya Pradesh

Sir — The Congress is right to swim against the tide with respect to the Ram temple inauguration. The presence of its top leaders at the consecration ceremony would have been construed as a direct endorsement of the controversial rath yatra, which led to the demolition of the Babri masjid and widespread riots and violence and changed the course of Indian politics forever. The party’s decision to dissociate itself from such a shameful episode is welcome. The saffron party does not have the right to label those declining the invitation as ‘anti-Hindu’.

Kajal Chatterjee, Calcutta

Sir — It is disconcerting that the partners in the INDIA bloc are lacking consensus on attending the Ram temple event. The leaders should have taken it in their stride and attended the event. This will give the saffron party further ammunition to attack the Opposition.

K. Nehru Patnaik, Visakhapatnam

Old debate

Sir — The old guard versus new generation debate has received a fresh impetus from the ongoing squabble between the chief minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee, and the Trinamul Congress leader and her nephew, Abhishek Banerjee (“Ageless tiff”, Jan 11). While the latter has advocated the retirement of elderly party leaders, the former has dismissed such assumptions about senior politicians, urging greater respect for them. However, the seniors should know when to step aside for young blood. Several important government portfolios and party positions in Bengal continue to be held by septuagenarians.

There have been increasing demands for an age bar to phase out the party veterans and replace them with those handpicked by Abhishek Banerjee. Such discord may dent the TMC’s prospects in the general elections.

S.S. Paul, Nadia

Unkind cut

Sir — Sukanta Chaudhuri’s description of the labharthi as “a creature without entitlement” is appropriate (“The signifiers”, Jan 8). In a modern welfare State, citizens are considered to be the stakeholders of the nation and are thus entitled to certain benefits. It is the duty of the State to ensure equitable distribution of resources. The government’s practice of tagging those availing of welfare benefits as ‘labharthis’ not only reduces them to a mere liability of the State but also goes against the spirit of welfarism.

Sujit De, Calcutta

Clear out

Sir — Traffic congestion at the Dum Dum airport owing to VIP cars is a perennial problem. Corrupt practices and a lack of coordination between airport authorities and the police have also increased taxi touting (“Taxi touts hold sway in airport”, Jan 11). There is a need for greater investment in infrastructure to alleviate congestion.

Dhananjay Sinha, Calcutta

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