In the beginning was a dot

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By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 20.04.07

First came the bindu — a black hole from which emerged light and energy. Only the Hindu philosophers thought of it, and S.H. Raza, acknowledged master of contemporary Indian art, spent an entire lifetime painting dots and concentric circles, albeit with hundreds of variations, often juxtaposed with other geometrical forms. A life in Art: Raza, (Art Alive Gallery, ) written and edited by Ashok Vajpeyi is a tribute to Raza, who has lived in Paris for nearly fifty years and was one of the founder members of the Progressive Artists Group of Bombay. Besides reproductions of everything from book covers (bottom left) vintage sketches (right), calligraphy and his paintings (Sparsh, middle top; The Oceans I, bottom middle), where lines and colours often perform a brilliant pas de deux, it has press clippings and a wonderful collection of photographs.