Here's The Disclaimer; A humble man; In his likeness; Who's that man

Here's The DisclaimerA humble manIn his likenessWho's that man

By Ironies-Upala Sen
  • Published 18.03.18

Here's The Disclaimer

Any resemblance to any other actual person, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Once upon a time there was a boy. He too was the third of a number of siblings. Chose his political affiliation early but then came many years of exile. Post exile, he made several attempts to join the party whose colour dyed his core. After the 10th attempt he succeeded and thereafter began his fortuitous rise.

A humble man

After serving as keeper of an important province, the fiercely nationalistic politician came to be country head. The media dubbed him Mr Steamed Bun as he tried to project himself a man of the people by visiting steamed bun restaurants like any other citizen. Unlike his predecessor, who had an unchanging facial expression, he was demonstrative. And he had vowed to uproot corruption even if it meant alienating his elite votebank.

In his likeness

It soon became clear, he was eyeing power beyond the temporal. Correcting history and ensuring that his own identity was written in. Books, cartoons, pop songs, dance routines --- a personality cult grew. He lent his name to vision documents. According to The New Yorker, the ministry of defence released oil paintings of him in heroic poses and art students were judged on their ability to sketch his likeness.

Who's that man

A man was thrown into prison for referring to him as Mr Steamed Bun in private chats to friends. And when at a presser a journalist was seen rolling her eyes at the soft questions posed by another, Ms Eye Roll's media accreditation to cover the legislative meetings was reportedly revoked. This week, he amended the Constitution to abolish term limits on his own premiership. Introducing President Xi Jinping of China. And you thought, what?