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Did I not say things'll happen?

Silence is a weapon few understand the worth of; ask about in the jungle
Abstract: Did I not say things'll happen?

Sankarshan Thakur   |     |   Published 07.03.20, 06:48 PM

Things have happened. I always knew, I always said they would. Happen, I mean. I mean what I say. Sometimes I also mean what I do not say. People know. People know the meaning of my silences. When

I do not disapprove, I approve. I do that with silence. Silence speaks. Silence kills. Predators best prey when they are able to employ silence. Silence is a weapon few understand the worth of; ask about in the jungle. They will tell you the killer worth of silence. A lot is achieved with silence. And silencing. I am at it. We are at it. We are trying to achieve a silence, because we want things to happen. We want to put an end to NothingHappened. That is what we promised you. We are at it.

Things are happening. People are beginning to visit people. In their neighbourhoods, to begin with. Oh, this is your house, this is where you live. Let me burn a bit of it. Let me knock a hole here, let me shake the masonry up a bit. Let me bring your house down. If all fails, we will bring on the fireworks; we will burn it down. Show us where you cook and eat. Please. Let us do something to that place. Let’s use a bit of gas, there must be gas where you cook? Or other forms of combustibles to light a fire? We have to begin to do things. Things must happen. NothingHappened has been happening for far too long. Let me make a few things happen. What better place to make things happen than in the neighbourhood?

This sword you see? Hanging idle all these years in a corner. Unused. Let me use it. My father used it all those years ago, doing with swords what swords are meant to do. But nothing has happened with it in a long time. I want to make this sword happen. Let me make it happen. Please, is there somewhere I can go slashing about with it? Plunging it? Giving to its blade the colour it has thirsted for? The colour you are possessed of? The colour that runs in your veins? Let the sword happen to the colours that run within you.

And what are these? These huddles? Your children and your elders? Why are they huddled? Why are they idle? Let me put them to use, let me make something happen to them. They are just huddles. Unproductive huddles. Let me see how I can make them happening. Let me try. When they scream and cry and run about and try to flee, something will happen, isn’t that so? Why must they be huddled? They must be animated. Something must happen to them. Let me try.

And this? What’s all this? What are all these bereft things? Your work things? Your place of work? This is where you do what you do? But these are just lying about? Let me animate them, let things happen to them that have never happened to them. Like a touch of fire. Let me energise them. A spark is all it needs, and I have brought the gas-lights. Let me light them up.

You will see the energies that are released when I set fire to them. It will be the energy you can feed off. And there will be light. And something will happen. Something must happen, we have languished in the inertia of NothingHappened far

too long. Time to change things a bit. I thought I would only visit. But then having come to visit, I see there is so much more I can do, so much more that can be done, so much more that can happen. This is a target-rich environment. Come. Let me make a few things happen, let me light up your life, as never before. Let me burn your clothes. Let me set you papers — haan those papers, kaagaz — on fire. Let me run the cocktails through your hearth so it flames within you like magical fireworks. Let me into your safe rooms. Those I promise I will not burn: those I will just ransack and loot for myself if there is anything there to loot. Come one. Let’s make things happen. Let’s put an end to NothingHappened. That’s what I always promised I would do, and you believed me. Now live out my promise to you.

Let things happen
That never happened
We must now let things happen
Even if they are most misshappen.


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