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Badshahat Badshahat Badshahat Ameen!

We need more nationalism and therefore the stink of it must spread so more and more become acquainted with what nationalism is and what it smells like
ABSTRACT: Bhadshahat. Bhadshahat, Badshahat! Ameen!

Sankarshan Thakur   |     |   Published 18.04.20, 06:55 PM

The thing about power is... Well, should I let it out? In as open a space as a newspaper? Which goes into hundreds of thousands of homes each morning and may be read by five times more? Should I let it out in as public a place as a newspaper? Which has become as daily as brushing your teeth and, before that or after that other daily thing. You know what I am referring to. But don’t make mention of it. Please don’t stink up this place, we are already in the sixth year of those things. This place stinks, and you made it so. My compliments. Why? Go guess. I am the one who stinks, and you are the ones who brought me here and helped the stink spread. So relentlessly and unapologetically that the stink has become the norm. We stink and therefore we are. We need the stink in order that we can be all the things that are necessary things. The right things. The done things. The nationalist things, all of them that stink.

We need more nationalism and therefore the stink of it must spread so more and more become acquainted with what nationalism is and what it smells like. It stinks. Smell it. And pass it on. That is your duty. That is what I am here to tell you. And I can and will because I have the power. And that power you gave me because you thought it fit. Or you had no option.

But here’s the thing about power. Let me let it out. No harm. You will never get it. I am the Appointed One, your lot is to remain Disappointed. No perils lie in revealing secrets upon those that can do nothing with such revelation, can draw no advantage from it, at least not such advantage that can even remotely disadvantage me. You are too weak and too reduced. I am too powerful and too enhanced.

That is power. That is where it is drawn from. From the weakness of others. The weaker you are rendered, the more powerful I become. In order for me to have become what I am, there were requirements you needed to fulfil. I am not here to empower you. You are here to empower me. And for that you need to be powerless. So that I am more powerful.

You needed to hope. And I made you hope. You needed to subscribe. And I made you subscribe. You needed to supplicate. And I made you supplicate. You needed to allege. And I made you allege. You needed to protest. And I made you protest. You needed to be whipped. And I had you whipped. You needed to plead. And I made you plead. You needed to pray. And I made you pray.

To me. For everything. Because you are now powerless. And I am the powerful one. I will go on being so. And I shall go on doing to you what is required to ensure you remain what you are. The powerless ones to my powerful self.

I will snatch away your jobs. So you come to me seeking them. I will leave you hungry. So you come to me crying to be fed. I will decree you may not have this. So you will come to me crawling to have it back. I will decree you may not have that. So you will come to me and grovel to have that back. I will drive you out of home. So you come to me seeking shelter. I will leave you diseased. So you come to me seeking remedy. I will order you wiped off the map. So you come to me begging to be brought back on where you were and have been all this time. I am what I am by dint of ensuring you are less and less of what you are. The more the deficits that are imposed on you, the more profits I accumulate on my powers. That is the thing about power, it gains from inflicting losses.

The lower you are reduced

The loftier my majesty

The more weakness we induced

The greater is power’s travesty.


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