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Lockdown helps New Town girl choose a Dalmatian pup as pet

The DA Block, New Town resident decided to simply overcome her fear for dogs during the Covid-induced lockdown

Brinda Sarkar | Published 27.08.21, 08:48 AM
Dollar gets a hug and a kiss from Ishita Datta

Dollar gets a hug and a kiss from Ishita Datta

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The best way to overcome fear of dogs is to get one, Ishita Datta would say. “I have always liked dogs but was scared of them. Then when the lockdown was imposed last year I found myself depressed. So finally, I decided to take the plunge after all,” says the girl whose fear vanished the moment she held her puppy in her hands.

“I went for a Dalmatian as the breed isn’t common. Also, I had to promise my family I would take care of all his needs and a short-coated breed sounded like less work,” smiles the girl who joins college from next month. Another sub-conscious reason was perhaps that 101 Dalmatians is her favourite film.


The name Dollar was suggested by Ishita’s cousin and she finalised it after the puppy himself started responding to it. “Ours is a democratic set-up and I always take into account Dollar’s opinion before making a decision,” clarifies Ishita, who has got a tattoo of the dollar sign on her wrist.

For instance, she asks him in the morning whether he would like chicken-rice that day. “If he doesn’t react, I ask what he thinks of fish-rice. If Dollar jumps up excitedly I know it’s a yes,” Ishita smiles. Food is in fact a great motivator for the dog, who never refuses a meal even if he’s sad or unwell.

The Dalmatian loves the good life. When taking car rides, he’ll insist on sticking his head out of the sunroof to enjoy the fresh air. He won’t step out of a bath without a round of coconut oil to shine his coat and a splash of blueberry and vanilla-flavoured dog perfume. No wonder the year-old bachelor is already attracting suitors. “The other day while I was walking him, a gentleman came up and asked if we would mate Dollar with his female Dalmatian,” laughs Ishita, who is quite keen at the prospect.

A few months ago, Ishita’s mom had brought home an injured street dog and the family decided to nurture her to health and give her up for adoption. “We had named her Cash and she had bonded so well with Dollar that we decided to keep her with us.” Sadly, Cash passed away and Dollar was forlorn at losing his playmate. “This is partially why we want to get another puppy now — a Great Dane to give Dollar company.”

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