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Tokyo of 'Money Heist' fame reacts to graffiti wall at Jadavpur University

"This was my first graffiti and I never imagined that Netflix would pick it up and Tokyo would see it!" said student artist Aratrika Basu

Lygeia Gomes | Published 13.09.21, 08:54 PM

Aratrika Basu’s graffiti artwork of the resistance symbol — The Dali Mask — brought Kolkata’s Jadavpur University to instant online global fame as Silene Oliveira aka Tokyo from Money Heist reacted to the piece in Netflix's most recent YouTube video.

The clip was released on Netflix’s official YouTube channel and shows Tokyo browsing through fan art from across India, absolutely amazed at the talent. The graffiti artwork in conversation is located on a wall at Jadavpur University, in south Kolkata, beside the World View library. It was created in January this year.


“It’s surreal to me that there are these walls in India with paintings from Money Heist and the Dali’s Mask. I love graffiti! This is great,” said the OG badass, over the moon about her super bonito fan-art from India.

Watch the video here:

“Could there be any better way to start the day? Tokyo reacted to the wall art done by me. It was a moment worthy of goosebumps when she uttered my name on an international platform,” wrote Basu, the talented young artist on her official Instagram handle.

My Kolkata got in touch with Basu. “Art is my passion. Money Heist is one of my favourite shows and it has always inspired me, especially the Dali Mask. This was my first graffiti and I never ever imagined that Netflix would pick it up and that Tokyo would see it,” said the second-year post-graduate student pursuing a Master’s degree in Philosophy. Tokyo is Basu’s favourite character.

Bidu Chanda also contributed towards the artwork. He helped flesh out the background and a few areas of shading. “I was really surprised when I saw the video today, it was amazing. We didn’t expect this to happen. Tokyo is one of my favourite characters and for her to see the work makes me very proud,” said Chanda who graduated from Jadavpur University in 2021, after a postgraduate degree in International Relations.

“La Resistencia!” reads the artwork, accurately depicting the cause behind the heists in the hit web series.

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