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These posts by Anupam Roy bring out our ‘Bangaliyana’

The singer often shares photos of maach, mishti and more that are close to his heart

Pooja Mitra | Published 27.11.21, 08:53 PM
From (left) photos of fish to (right) paintings by Jamini Roy, Anupam Roy’s posts highlight Bengali culture

From (left) photos of fish to (right) paintings by Jamini Roy, Anupam Roy’s posts highlight Bengali culture


Singer of several popular numbers like Amake amar moto thakte dao and Ghawrbaari, Anupam Roy is also a quintessential Bangali at heart who can’t do without his maach, mishti and more. Here’s a list of posts shared by the singer on his social media handles that bring out the bangaliyana in him, and us!

During his recent visit to the Ghare Baire museum-exhibition in the Old Currency Building of Kolkata, Anupam shared photos of artworks by Jamini Roy and Bikash Bhattacharjee, revealing his love for art.

A quick stop at Lord’s More to visit the maacher bajar. The singer’s multiple posts on fish shows the much relatable maachey-bhaatey Bangali side of him!

Pandal-hopping does not end with Durga Puja, because Kali Puja is always next in line. And what is pandal-hopping without visiting the parar pujo?

For the love of Rosokodombo from Malda, and some mishti mukh with his fans.

Looking his Bangali best in a pastel shade panjabi, Anupam’s style game is on point.

The singer’s #revisitingchildhood memory with kites brought out childhood memories of several netizens in the comments section.

As evidenced by this artistic plating of a simple jilipi, Anupam’s love for mishti seems to run deep!

Last, but never the least, the love for Kolkata. With Victoria Memorial and the skyline of the city in the photograph, here’s a shot of the “Tilotomma” by the singer of Kolkata, Anupam Roy.

BONUS 1: Check out this landscape shot by the singer during his visit to Baranti, exploring the diverse beauty of Bengal.

BONUS 2: Enjoy the winter chill with the latest song, Anek durer manush, by Anupam from the upcoming Bengali film Anusandhan.

'Anek durer manush' by Anupam from upcoming Bengali film Anusandhan.

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