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Sudeep Nagarkar puts a facet of his life in the public domain with new book 'It Was Always You'

New publish is page-turner and tugs at emotions of love and friendship

Farah Khatoon | Published 09.12.22, 12:17 AM
Sudeep Nagarkar

Sudeep Nagarkar

Bestselling author Sudeep Nagarkar’s latest read is here and this time he brings to the fore the importance of resisting temptations and accepting mistakes through his protagonists Karan and Shruti, a happily married couple who are set to become parents soon. Largely relatable, It Was Always You, like his earlier titles, is a page-turner and tugs at the emotions of love and friendship. Also, with this book the author presents a slice of his private life in the public domain. In a hearty chat, the author gives us more insight into the new book.

The title of the latest book, like all of your other books, connects with the reader at once and convinces them to add it to their read-list. Tell us about the idea behind It Was Always You.


So, the book talks about sticking together in a marriage. Karan, the protagonist of the book, is about to be a father but his ex-girlfriend returns in his life. Now, how he handles the situation and how his life goes through a turmoil is what the book is all about. So that’s the reason I decided to keep the title ‘It Was Always You’ because till the end it would keep readers intrigued about who the ‘You’ will be — will it be his ex-girlfriend or his wife? Also, I have always kept titles which everyone could easily relate to and somewhere they will feel attached to the title through their personal life experiences.

Your subjects are usually love or friendship. Please explain the element of love/friendship in this novel and how is it different from the earlier novels?

I’ll not say this one is totally different from the previous ones because it still has elements of love and friendship. The main message I wanted to convey is the importance of resisting temptations and accepting mistakes when you go wrong in a relationship. These days, we have seen relationships getting casual. Sometimes, it’s good that teenagers move on easily, but on the flip side, one needs to question if there’s a lack of effort to stick together. So, I have highlighted these delicate issues that almost every one of us face in relationships and I really hope that it would bring out some positivity and make readers smile.

Are the characters inspired by anyone in real life?

All the characters in the book are real. Obviously, a few fictional elements were added to connect the dots. Along with the protagonists, Karan and Shruti who happen to be my friends, it also portrays my married life with Jasmine. Everyone feels that because I am a romantic writer and we had a love marriage, we are living a perfect fairy-tale life. We had our own struggles and weak moments in our marriage and through this story, my intention was not to just put my life out in public, but to unveil that every relationship goes through turmoil, and even ours did.

Cover of writer's one of the famous works

Cover of writer's one of the famous works

The plot of the re-entry of an ex is quite common. How did you make sure that it’s different and will keep the reader engaged?

Everyone has a love story and, in our life, every one of us has gone through a phase where we have lost our love. So, though the plot of an ex returning is common, it still connects. Moreover, a common plot can also keep readers intrigued if the treatment is different. So here, Karan’s ex is returning after his marriage, when his wife is pregnant. Now, no matter if you have moved on from your relationship, if after years you happen to see your ex, it still evokes emotions in you. Same happens with Karan. It had been a while since the relationship ended and he is happily married now but memories resurface. Yes, you can still feel affection for a person years after the relationship has ended. So what if it didn’t work out back then? After all, you saw something good in each other. Be that as it may, is it okay to turn your back on your marriage and not give a thought to whether what you’re doing is morally right or wrong?

Cover of It Was Always You

Cover of It Was Always You

This is your 15th novel, how have you evolved from the first novel?

Believe it or not, my journey of more than a decade has been amazing. Personally, I feel I have evolved a lot. Not only as a writer but also as a person. Every character that I have penned down has taught me something or the other in a positive manner. Usually, readers live with the characters till they finish the book or maybe a week more if the book has affected them emotionally. But writers live with them for months and years and thus, characters deeply impact us. It’s true especially for me. And when it comes to writing, I always feel today that I could have written my initial books in a polished manner if I had known the nuances. Though, I would not like to alter any of them, but after so many years, the method of writing has surely evolved.

You seem to be releasing one novel each year. What is it that keeps you inspired to write?

There are a couple of things that always motivate me. First, the love of readers. I just feel overwhelmed to have such special bunch of readers who message me after they complete reading the book on the first day of release itself, asking when’s the next one is coming. The way they desperately wait for the release makes me go back to the writing board as soon as possible. And secondly, my passion for writing. After so many years of writing, I generally seek to find stories everywhere around me. I feel lost when I stay away from writing. So, for me, it’s never about writing a bestseller or pressure of deadlines or selling books; it’s always about my love for writing.

What are you reading/watching currently?

I am reading Amish Tripathi’s latest book War of Lanka and at the same time watching House of the Dragon.

What are your future plans?

I am very bad at planning. If you would have asked me a decade back, whether I would continue writing one book every year, I would have rubbished that thought. So, I have no idea how life would be five years later. But one thing is sure, I’ll keep writing.

What’s that one love story you’ve read in recent times that has left a mark on you? Tell

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