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Santiniketan, as Sahana Bajpaie sees and lives it

Singer, scholar, mother. And now explorer and photographer extraordinaire

Pooja Mitra | Published 29.03.22, 07:35 PM
Sahana’s Santiniketan snaps are to die for...

Sahana’s Santiniketan snaps are to die for...

@Sahana Bajpaie/Instagram

Googling weekend getaways to escape WFH blues? Santiniketan is a perennial recommendation! And if you want some travel pointers, we suggest exploring Sahana Bajpaie’s Instagram, which is a treasure trove of dreamy rustic imagery from the land of laal maati. The singer, who’s pursuing her Ph.d. from the King’s College of London and is home for fieldwork, keeps our timelines vibrant with glimpses of Kopai, Shonajhuri and Basanta Utsav. Here are some of the best snaps by the artiste (warning: major FOMO ahead):

Off the beaten path

What we wouldn’t give to have our morning walk path look this cheery and vibrant!

Bloom big


Sahana’s beautiful garden at her Santiniketan home has us considering a mini green corner in our own homes. Now only if we had her camera and gardening skills.

Red soil and Rohini

The charm of Santiniketan’s laal maati and little Rohini make this frame a winner.

Simran who?

Little Rohini channels DDLJ’s Simran (Kajol) in this terrific frame captured by her mum. Main-character energy, much?

Simplicity at its best

Planning a weekend trip to Santiniketan? Don’t forget to visit Dwaronda near Bolpur for a rejuvenating weekend.

‘Kaash phool’ and sunsets

Is it too early to start the Puja countdown? 

Fun-gi and forest trails

We need a Best Fungi Photography Award just so we can root for this stunner of a frame, captured at the Ballavpur forest. 

‘Sona meye’, Shonajhuri and a little adventure

Rohini has a Dora moment near Sonajhuri!

Heritage, art and simple things of joy

Little Rohini is already a star at Shishu Tirtha School’s Basanta Utsav performance. 

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