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Mimi Chakraborty on her vlog victory, working with Jeet and her October 10 film Baazi

‘When I travel, I try to make vlogs. They are visual journals. I feel like creating memories’

Arindam Chatterjee | Published 08.10.21, 06:01 PM
Mimi and Jeet in Baazi, releasing on October 10

Mimi and Jeet in Baazi, releasing on October 10

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A power game, a man on a mission and a story of love against odds sum up the storyline of the film Baazi, starring Jeet and Mimi Chakraborty. And amidst this maelstrom of emotions, Kyra, played by Mimi, stands tall, defying all odds. A chat with Mimi....

You are back in familiar territory with Baazi, a mainstream entertainer….


It is larger than life, and I love doing commercial films! You get to dance, dress up, travel to great locations… the characters are lively… such films don’t let you be so serious or intense (smiles). You know what you are doing.

The songs are getting a lot of traction on social media....

People are saying that they are really loving our pair! It is something new. Both of us have been working for so long in the industry, and we have finally come together in a film for the first time. We are excited!

You have a Puja release lined up on a Sunday. Other films are also releasing on October 10. What are your expectations?

We are the makers, the entertainers... finally it is up to the audience, and I’m sure they’ll love our film. Interestingly, our film is very different from the ones that are coming out.... It has its commercial flavour, dance, music, lots of colour, fun, great locations. It is a full-on entertainer.

And things are looking up this year....

It is hopeful, yes... but one has to be very careful... please wear your masks everyone, follow all the norms and protocols. This is a must.

What attracted you to Baazi?

My fame came from commercial films. Of course I did Gaaner Opare but films like Bojhena Shey Bojhena gave me the fame I have today. My performance in Gaaner Opare was critically acclaimed but with subsequent mainstream films I broke that image and soon everyone realised that I can do both. I had established that much early in my career. As an entertainer, I feel blessed that I’m getting films where I can balance both. I can do a Dracula Sir, Khela Jokhon, Mini and Baazi.

Commercial movie is my oxygen because of the dance, the music, the grandeur. Jeetda is an amazing person to work with. He radiates so much positivity and one gets to learn so much from him. And we wanted people to watch Baazi in theatres, enjoy it and clap along!

How challenging was it to shoot during the pandemic?

We worked with a limited number of crew members and at select locations in London. We followed all the rules and regulations. And we shot keeping all the challenges in mind. And at the end of the day, when people like it, that’s the takeaway. It was so cold. This is a part of our profession. We travelled across the countryside to shoot.

Would you all start shooting at the crack of dawn?

We would wake up by 4am and leave our hotels by 6am. We would have to travel a lot to reach our locations. And then we would return by 10pm.

Why did you decide to make a vlog on the shoot of Baazi?

My YouTube channel is an extension of my life too. I have so much going on in my life that I cannot devote the required amount of time on my YouTube channel. But when I travel, I try to make vlogs. They are visual journals. I feel like creating memories and capturing moments and putting it out there... and it will be there forever.

You introduce people on your vlogs and make it quite fun, wacky and candid. Like a professional, you make an introduction marking the beginning and then sign off in the end....

I will try to make more and more vlogs for my YouTube channel when I travel. Though I could not make any during the Khela Jokhon shoot since it was so intense. And I forgot to take the camera along with me!

What is that one thing you discovered about Jeet during the shoot?

He is very chilled out. He creates an ambience that’ll make you feel happy.

How was the first day of shoot like?

It was fun. When I come in front of the camera, I feel alive. And I am very spontaneous.

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