Sapna Singhania gets candid about her latest collection & more...

The Mumbai-based jewellery designer doffs her hat at us with her designed products, at 85 Lansdowne

Saionee Chakraborty Published 15.03.22, 03:33 AM

Mumbai-based jewellery designer Sapna Singhania, whose forte is ‘invisible setting’, will be back at 85 Lansdowne this March. She tells The Telegraph what to expect.

What are you coming to 85 Lansdowne with this time?


We are celebrating the femininity of women. Women today are beautiful and confident and constantly looking for opportunities to enhance their qualities. Many women wear jewellery to symbolise their femininity or social status. Different pieces hold different meanings to women, like wisdom, elegance, prosperity or security. We are bringing a lot of these pieces which are adaptable to different moods and occasions for the modern women. The new festive collection reflects classic styling with contemporary bold statements and can be worn across generations.

What are your all-time favourites when it comes to accessorising for spring-summer?

The modern-day woman likes streamlined jewellery. Especially in summer, when you want an uncluttered, unfussy look. These seasons are all about comfort and who you are. So spring-summer would mean geometric shapes, studded with delicate gemstones and carefree feel with asymmetrical stacks. Spurts of colour bring in the spring revelry. No matter what’s your style, minimalistic and glamorous jewellery pairs with any look.

Your jewellery is great for cocktails and parties. Can you suggest some looks for our readers?

People have gone through a lot recently, mentally and emotionally these are connected to your style statements. Looks have become simpler, tied to personal styles and customisation. Jewellery pronounces a close relationship to your heart, usually an ideal symbol of your love and any sentiment. And the stones symbolise beauty and classicism.

Big hoop earrings with hair up is classy yet contemporary for evenings. Easiness of danglers and lightness of weight is perfect to let your hair down. For vacations and lounging cocktail evenings.

Stacking of bracelets makes a statement. A classy watch on one wrist and two-three tennis bracelets and a cocktail ring on the other, is perfect for a glamorous evening out.

For occasion wear, less is more and combining stones to make it look more elegant and complete a story is important. A lot of semi-precious fancy sapphires, mother-of-pearl, opal and agate set with diamonds and rose cuts give a summery, outdoor look. These pieces are versatile as well, both for Indian and western wear. Great to carry off for a destination wedding.

A regular daytime look is of a solitaire wedding or engagement ring with a bang, small hoops and diamond baalis and a simple tennis bracelet.

What new stones are you loving at the moment?

The invisible setting makes our collection unique. Quality of the stones really matters. Pearls are always a favourite. Now the baroque pearls come in different shapes and colours like light grey, light pink or yellow and make it more dramatic and interesting in a story. They look great on earrings or cocktail rings. Necklaces are usually on order and customised as per requirement and the occasion.

Champagne diamonds also are a current favourite, it adds a chicness and rich colour when set along with clear diamonds reflecting an exotic aura and goes well with a lot of colours and seasonal wardrobes.

Stack of bracelets in rubies, blue and yellow sapphires are also in, paired with diamonds and rose cuts. Invisible setting makes it an elegant mix.

What kind of jewellery do you personally like wearing at summer soirees?

For me it’s got to be simple and classic. Diamond or rose-cut hoops, easy to wear. A chunky watch on one wrist and a diamond tennis bracelet on the other. And an emerald or pearl-studded cocktail ring for extra oomph.

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