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Exclusive shoot with glam sisters, Raima and Riya Sen

Happy, fun and charming, the Sen sisters teamed up for a special shoot ushering in 2023

Saionee Chakraborty | Published 30.01.23, 03:53 PM
Riya Sen,(right) Raima Sen

Riya Sen,(right) Raima Sen

Pictures: Pabitra Das

Happy, fun and charming. The Sen sisters — Raima and Riya. The two teamed up for a special shoot for The Telegraph, ushering in 2023. Raima and Riya complemented their lovely gowns with minimal make-up and lots of gorgeousness. Post-shoot, they took some questions from The Telegraph.

Happy New Year! Where did you ring in 2023 at?


Riya: I rang in the new year with close friends and family in Pune.

Raima: Sukhbir, Neha Kakkar, Mika were among the performers and Nora Fatehi danced.

Being with the family in the last week of every year is quite a ritual with your family. That makes stepping into a new year extra special, right?

Riya: It is true when one says that family is the only thing that will stick with you through thick and thin, no matter how irritating they get sometimes! Nevertheless, seeing their faces the very first thing every year brings me joy.

Raima: For many years now. Earlier we would do shows and then we made it a point to spend December 31 with the family, even though I am with them most of the time. We make it a point to be together. Before the lockdown, even though I was staying with them, I was working a lot and running here and there, but now I don’t think I want to run that much. I only want to do quality stuff now. More so than now, we realise the value of human life after Covid. We realised how important health is and how life is so unpredictable. I spend more time at home. You would rarely see me at parties and if I were to take up a project, it has to be worth my time. I’ve also got Dasho now (her pet Shih Tzu), a major anchor in my life and I never realised it was going to become like this (laughs). I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

What is the one thing you have planned for 2023 in terms of work, family and relationships?


Work: More projects in the US.

Family: Healthier lifestyles and a more positive attitude.

Relationships: To continue to have a blast!


Work: I wanted to be seen on all the OTT platforms. That was my dream... Netflix, Amazon... I did projects on Netflix and now I am working with Amazon, my second time. I have done Zee5 in Bengali. So, I am happy.... I always wanted to switch channels and see myself! (Laughs) Then you also have to stay updated with the times. You don’t want to be left behind. Last year, I did an acting workshop in Bombay, something which I have never done. So, I invested in that. Now, these things are more attractive to me and I’d love to take some more courses. Today the crop of actors are well-trained and do a lot of homework and they have studied abroad. I am amazed at their talent. You wonder, am I good enough? Now that I am getting so many offers and I know I have to screen test... I have always been a director’s actor but now I have started to take it a bit more seriously than before.

Family: I am home most evenings and I also make it a point to be with them on special occasions like birthdays. I have cut down on my outings a lot. Everyone’s priorities have changed after Covid. You filter and I don’t want to waste my time. I will give my time to the ones that really matter. They don’t necessarily have to be my friends. They can be my parents’ friends too.

Relationships: At the moment, I am single, but I believe if something has to happen, it’ll happen. The more you focus on it and chase it, nothing will happen. It should happen organically and you should focus on yourself. Maybe, it’s not the be-all and end-all of life. Maybe, you’ll get your answers.

Riya, what is your new year’s wish for Raima?

Riya: I wish for Raima to lead a healthier lifestyle while expanding her ecosystem by travelling more to discover new places and new people.

Raima, what is your new year’s wish for Riya?

Raima: She loves to travel. So, I hope she gets to travel a lot more.

What is that one ultimate dream that you want to inch closer to this year?

Riya: Since I love travelling, and last year I had the opportunity to work abroad, I would love to expand on those opportunities this year while also hoping to do projects more in sync with my interests in India.

Raima: I want to do some kickass roles, like a biopic maybe.

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