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Bengal Rowing Club

Deepak Jalan, president of the Bengal Rowing Club, is committed to member-centric goals

In a candid chat, he talks about his stint so far, his vision for the club and more

Farah Khatoon | Published 05.05.23, 09:10 AM
Deepak Jalan, president, The Bengal Rowing Club

Deepak Jalan, president, The Bengal Rowing Club

Deepak Jalan joined The Bengal Rowing Club as a member in 1989 and has seen it grow, vertically and horizontally, as an active member of the governing body. In a few months, he will be completing a year as the president of the club and his only goal has been to see the club and its members flourish. Recuperating from the pandemic, the club is in high spirits with a few new events making a big splash in the club’s calendar and Jalan is making sure the momentum is swift and smooth. In a candid chat, he talks about his stint so far, his vision for the club and more.

When did you become the president of the club and how has the journey been so far?


I took charge as president of BRC on August 31, 2022, and feel honoured and humbled by the post that has been bestowed upon me. I am passing through an amazing experience and am also grateful to the entire governing body and all the sub-committees for extending their wholehearted support, cooperation and guidance in every field of activities of the club. I must also appreciate the club management and other staff for their dedication, hard work and support to the governing body.

The club already organised a few events under your leadership. How satisfied are you with the results?

Our club witnessed many successful events in the past few months. Our entertainment committee along with Kidsology organised many excellent events, where members participated, appreciated and enjoyed. Kidsology team offers endless fun and adventures to our little ones, which help them to grow in meaningful ways through various workshops, fests, carnivals and outdoor visits. BRC sports team participated in various sports championships, tournaments and leagues. They are also taking part in other clubs’ events. BRC rowing team participated in the 79th ARAEFEARA Regatta, which was held in Chennai, and it was yet another opportunity for our rowers to prove their competence and they ensured to do it in style, winning the overall trophy for the second consecutive year. I feel fortunate to be at the helm of affairs of such a prestigious institution.

Did you hold any other posts before this?

I joined the club as an ordinary member in the year 1989 and have been in the governing body since 2014. As a practice at the club, before assuming the coveted post, I was vice-president in the previous year and also the chairman of membership, finance, print and media and magazine in the past few years.

What is your focus area and have you started on any of your goals?

It has always been my endeavour to uphold an atmosphere in the club which creates ‘a home away from home’ for our esteemed members and their children. In this direction, despite all the distractions and disruptions, we have continued to uplift the physical infrastructure of the club every year and this is an ongoing process. We are currently in the process of renovating the back office and modernising our kitchen, which is the backbone of our club.

Members are the most important part of the club, what is your message to them?

Regular feedback from members is instrumental in making positive changes at the club and I hope to get their continuous feedback, however critical they may be. I would request our members to come and enjoy their ‘second home’ with their family and friends more frequently and enjoy the excellent facilities which have been created for them.

What does the club’s calendar in your remaining term look like?

Generally, the summer and monsoon are low months in terms of events, and we hope to use the period in uplifting our facilities further. Nevertheless, we have a few striking events lined up.

How do you want members to remember your term?

I did not assume the post with any such thoughts in my mind and the only objective was to keep our members engaged and enthralled throughout the year. However, I would be happy if members remembered that their feedback was taken positively and acted upon.

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