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10 soulful Sahana Bajpaie tracks for fans, as the artiste takes a break

As the performer takes some time to overcome a voice box haemorrhage, here’s a compilation of songs to help her listeners sail through!

Pooja Mitra | Published 12.11.21, 08:58 PM
Singer Sahana Bajpaie engrossed in music.

Singer Sahana Bajpaie engrossed in music.


In a recent personal update shared on her social media, singer-songwriter Sahana Bajpaie has revealed that she is suffering from a ‘major hemorrhage’ in her voice box, a diagnosis based on a stroboscopic test. Sahana has been prescribed a month’s vocal rest for an expedient recovery and has been advised not to sing or talk during that period. Needless to say, the comment section on her post is flooded with ardent wishes from her fans and followers from all over the world.

Sahana who grew up in Santiniketan is best known for her contemporary ‘Rabindrik’ vocals and exemplary folk renditions. In fact, the singer just released a version of Fakir Lalon Sai's Bengali folk number Jaat Gelo, a song about the power of unity.

Sahana Bajpaie singing Fakir Lalon Shah's 'Jaat Gelo'.

@INRECO Entertainment /YouTube

So, as the performer par excellence takes her time to recover, we track down some of her most widely loved tracks to help out her listeners for the next few weeks.

Amar Haat Bandhibi

Sahana Bajpaie’s rendition of ‘Amar Haat Bandhibi’.


This folk song has been collected by a Santiniketan-based musicologist named Santanu Dutta from a certain Fozela Bibi of Hariharpara,  who is the composer and writer of the song. Sahana puts an interesting urban touch to this earthy number.

Keyaphuler Alo

‘Keya Phuler Alo,’ composed and arranged by singer-composer Samantak Sinha.


The prolific artiste’s friendship with singer-composer Samtantak Sinha reflects in their various artistic collaborations and their jestful camaraderie on social media.

Amar Sokol Niye Boshe Achi

Rabindra Sangeet ‘Amar Sakal Niye Bose Achi’ from Hello, Season 1 on HoiChoi.


A regular voice in the Bengali television and film industry, Sahana’s playback in popular OTT series like HoiChoi TV’s Hello has won hearts.

Likhono Tomar

‘Likhono Tomar’ by Rabindranath Tagore, sung by Sahana Bajpaie.


Sahana’s love for Tagore is well-documented and the array of Rabindra Sangeet sung by her over the years have won accolades from her fans across the globe.

Ratri Ese

Rabindra Sangeet ‘Ratri Ese’ by Sahana Bajpaie.

@CamelliaFilms Production/YouTube

Her recent number Ratri Ese from director Ayan Chakraborty’s Shororipu 2: Jotugriho is also by the bard. The number featured in the Chiranjeet Chakraborty-Saswata Chatterjee-Arunima Ghosh-starrer has been scored by Fossils frontman Rupam Islam and has earned a lot of love from her fans.

Shobai Chup

A rainy love song from the 2019 movie ‘Konttho’.


When it comes to playback, can we miss out on the love ballad Shobai Chup from Shiboprosad Mukherjee and Nandita Roy’s joint directorial venture Konttho?

Moloyo Batashe

Dwijendralal Ray’s ‘Moloyo Batashe’ re-arranged by Samantak Sinha and sung by Sahana Bajpaie.


Versatility is her forte—from Rabindranath Tagore to Dwijendralal Ray, from folk to contemporary— Sahana Bajpaie aces symphony with ease.

Ekta Chele

From Bengal Boi, Dhaka 2018, Sahana Bajpaie singing ‘Ekta Chele.’


The iconic Ekta Chele holds a special place in Sahana’s heart. “It was a homecoming for me on so many levels. Thank you all, once again, for singing along with me. This was the first song I have ever written,” Sahana wrote about her performance at Dhaka’s Bengal Boi in 2018.

Kala Re

Folk it up with ‘Kala Re’ by Sahana!


She takes her audience to a different musical experience with tracks like Kala Re, a traditional folk song, with a contemporary music conceptualisation by Rajkumar Sengupta and Tirthankar Majumdar.

O Je Manena Mana

Rabindranath Tagore’s ‘O Je Mane Na Mana’ sung by Sahana Bajpaie.


This number from Sahana’s 2015 album Ja Bolo Tai Bolo is one of her signature renditions.

Bonus: Mukh Pheray Na Mon

‘Mukh Pheray Na Mon’ by Sahana Bajpaie.

@Gan goppo - গান গপ্পো/YouTube

Don’t forget to check out the sweet yet heart-wrenching number Mukh Pheraye Na Mon from Olpo Holeo Shotti.

My Kolkata wishes the amazing Sahana Bajpaie a speedy recovery!

Last updated on 12.11.21, 10:47 PM

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