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Xiaomi Pad 6 looks like a solid performer

In the past two years, the status of Android tablets has changed

Mathures Paul | Published 14.06.23, 07:15 AM
 Xiaomi Pad 6 has a good build, has some software tricks and there are enough accessories to go with it

Xiaomi Pad 6 has a good build, has some software tricks and there are enough accessories to go with it

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For years, we have been told that there are iPads and then there are tablets. In the past two years, the status of Android tablets has changed. Better hardware, better design and, most importantly, better functionality. Close on the heels of the launch of OnePlus Pad, Xiaomi has launched its Pad 6, which ticks all the boxes and does well to serve those who already use other Xiaomi devices.

It’s easy to get lost in the spec sheet these machines have to offer but it’s the use case scenarios that matter. How do I see this Xiaomi tablet being used? Pretty much in the kitchen, in the airplane, at home, for education and even for doodling.


A chef’s helper

Doing justice to the tablet is its perfect size and display quality. The 11-inch 2.8K display (IPS LCD, 1,800x2,880 pixels) has a winner in the form of 144Hz refresh rate, which is uncommon for a tablet. You need to turn it on by diving into settings. There is the option of keeping it at 60Hz, 90Hz, 144Hz as well as default (varies refresh rate depending on the task at hand). After using it at 144Hz for 10 minutes, there is no way you can go back to 60Hz.

The colours are vivid and even though it’s not an OLED panel, you can’t fault the output — bright, crisp and has enough pop. The display also supports Dolby Vision, which translates into good contrast levels and superior HDR imaging technology.

But what good are these tech chops? It makes a difference when you are, say, cooking. Prop it up using the keyboard folio case, which needs to be bought separately. Following a cookery video on YouTube while making the stuff in the kitchen can be joyous. Throw into the mix the quad stereo speakers (with Dolby Atmos), which are surprisingly loud, clear and take music to a new level.

Good gaming performance

Sticking with the speakers, it’s something casual gamers would love. Something like Nitro Nation or Clash of Clans offers a good experience but there’s a quibble. While holding the tablet in landscape mode, two of the speaker grills, which are quite big given the size of the tablet, get muffled ever so slightly.

Continuing with gaming, you get Snapdragon 870. It’s not the latest and greatest chipsets but it has an excellent track record. It’s no point going with an over-the-top processor on a device that is not trying to play in the premium segment. It’s a considerably fast processor, beating some of the latest chipsets. It’s also power efficient and consumes less battery, ensuring you get enough screen-on time. Without getting into benchmarks, it’s sufficient to say that there is smooth gaming performance.

Though not tied with performance directly, it helps to have modestly good cameras on a tablet. The front 8MP camera is on the middle of the long, right bezel, which is something most companies are opting for. Keeping that company is the rear 13MP main camera and depth sensor.

Productivity apps

You already know this is a sensible tablet to carry while on an airplane trip if you like watching films or listening to music. But why stop at that? Xiaomi is also selling a folio keyboard and its second-generation Smart Pen.

The keyboard doesn’t have backlighting but the keys are well spaced out and it attaches using magnetic pins. You can easily prop up the tablet to work even in confined spaces. This is a no-nonsense keyboard, meaning there is no USB port on it or function keys. Also missing, a trackpad.

As for the Smart Pen, the tip is sensitive and it’s good for taking down notes as well as doodling. I am not a cartoonist but there is good palm rejection on the tablet and the buttons on the Pen are good enough to change colours, pen tips in the Notes app. What I would like to see is more functionality for the pen and more apps.

This brings me to what you can do with apps. It’s easy to work on two apps side by side and then add a floating window. For example, if I am following a cooking video, I would like to keep my email open in one window while the calculator can be used to tackle measurements. The floating window works fine but I couldn’t manage to keep half the window outside the screen, that is, the entire calculator app needs to float on the screen, taking up quite a bit of space. The device runs on MIUI 14 for tablets, which has immense potential.

Another good point about the tablet: You can attach it to an external monitor using any USB-C cable.

Should you buy it?

Android has lately been taking interest in tablets and more and more apps are getting made for the big screen experience. Xiaomi has the potential to disrupt the tablet space and give competition to Samsung, which already has quite a few devices in the market, and OnePlus.

The company has also done a good job with the storage variations — 6GB RAM and 128GB storage or 8GB RAM and 256GB storage. It’s good but there needs to be a 512GB option in India. If you are a content creator, videos will take up space. Battery life? We have been using it for a few days only and at the moment we are easily getting a day from it but this is something that needs to be looked at over a few weeks.

Available for purchase starting June 21, the tablet will be available via Amazon,, and Xiaomi retail stores. And the tablet itself is sweetly priced — upwards of Rs 26,999. There are special discounts which can bring down the price substantially. You may also consider buying the new second generation Xiaomi Smart Pen, priced at Rs 5,999, and the Xiaomi Pad 6 keyboard case for Rs 4,999 while the simple Xiaomi Pad 6 case is priced Rs 1,499. What you need to consider is if it works for you when you add the pricing of the keyboard case and smart pen. In case you get the combo, Xiaomi Pad 6 looks like a solid performer.

Mathures Paul

At a glance

Device: Xiaomi Pad 6

Price: Upwards of Rs 26,999 (there are extra discounts)

Keyboard case: Rs 4,999 (the simple cover is for Rs 1,499)

Smart Pen: Rs 5,999

High notes

Bright display

Excellent audio output

Works well with the Smart Pen and keyboard case

Easy to work with three apps

Supports external monitor

Muffled notes

Needs more apps to take advantage of the Smart Pen

No trackpad on the keyboard

You can connect the tablet to a monitor

You can connect the tablet to a monitor

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