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Tricks, treats and eerie makeup reels — Instagram celebrates Halloween and how!

PS: There are no jump scares, just spooky vibes in these reels

Jaismita Alexander | Published 29.10.23, 04:30 PM

Halloween is upon us and Instagram is giving us its share of the spooky vibe. Many of us, as children, have been introduced to Halloween through cartoons or sitcoms. If you remember the Halloween party episode from FRIENDS, you must have been craving to have one with your friends. Halloween culture has been popularised in our society too as we see Halloween-themed parties, events etc. So, to sync with the mood, My Kolkata brings to you a list of Halloween reels on DIYs, trends, makeup and more from digital creators.

Spooky indulgence

Creator Bonnie Barton (@flashesofstyle) pampers herself with a Halloween-themed bath session with bats and Halloween bath bombs. Her spooky indulgence comprises a cup of tea and a book. As Barton writes in her bio, 'seasons are my personality', and this reel truly testifies to that! The ambience she creates in the bathroom is cosy and feels like a scene straight out of a vampire series. Go check it out now!


Trick-o-treat magic trick!

Walking up to the door for a trick-or-treat and being greeted by someone who vanishes into thin air leaving behind a pool of chocolates! @brandonb has the perfect Halloween trick to show to his Instagram family. But here he's the one who gets spooked, after he asks kids to show tricks before they get any treats. Eerily, the kids twist their heads that scares Brandon and he vanishes into thin air! Chocolates fall on the ground and the children rush to collect them. What a wonderful Halloween trick! Isn't it?

Look! Who's ready to give you cute scares! 

Deathly doctor to the ferocious lion, these little monsters look anything but scary! arranges a photoshoot with the doggos dressed up for Halloween and asks Instagram to choose the favourite. Each fur buddy flaunts their Halloween costume and looks absolutely adorable! Picking one is nearly impossible given the cuteness overload! See for yourself!

Get real with a scary makeup

Want to achieve that really scary look for the spooky party? @itistaniyasingh might be able to help you. Often, the scary makeup fails, turns out to be funny and can be a major bummer! To help you achieve that realistic look, Tanya Singh shows you how to replicate wounds with fake blood. As gory as it looks, it is undoubtedly a work of art! It makes you feel uneasy when you look at it. But that's what real scary looks should make you feel!

Disgusting cupcakes! 

What if you had little brains laid in front of you and you were asked to eat them? Would you bite? Maybe not, but what if you were told that those tiny brains were nothing but cupcakes? @vsevsad has created cupcakes in the shape of brains with great detailing! These are a perfect treat for a Halloween party that will gross people out at first sight, but eventually, everyone will want to take a bite because it's delicious cream cheese and chocolate cupcakes.

Easy-peasy Halloween hack

Throwing a Halloween house party but missing the spook-factor? Worry not! @lapelo.oficial has the easiest and pocket-friendly hack to turn your regular glasses into ghostly ones. All you require is a black tape and a pair of scissors. Add a ghastly pair of eyes and a creepy set of broken teeth and tada! You have monster glasses to serve your drinks. You don't need to spend a bomb on buying new ones!

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