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Valentine’s Day

Get naughty or flirty this Valentine’s with these quirky couple games

Dial up the romance, explore your intimacy and spice up date night with a range of fun board and card games

Aatreyee Mohanta | Published 08.02.23, 05:54 PM


It’s that time of year again and love is in the air. It’s Valentine’s Day, of course. For all you couples celebrating your first V-Day together or your nth one, it’s time to spice things up and get a little cheeky this V-Day.

One of the ways to zhuzh up your relationship is playing board and card games (No, we don’t mean the regular poker, Uno or Cluedo — clothed or otherwise). Board games and card games designed for couples can be a great and fun way to explore or rediscover the intimacy with your partner, or just add some fun of the romantic and slightly naughty kind. 


Here are our picks for card games to enjoy with your partner this Valentine’s Day…

Dice and Spice from Oye Happy

If you haven’t played a naughty board game yet, this one is a great beginner’s game. Oye Happy has devised a board game for some flirty and intimate times with your partner. It has four sets of cards which are colour-coded corresponding to the board. You roll the dice and move around the board and perform the tasks mentioned in the individual cards. There are some intimate tasks, some silly and some fun — ensuring that you can have a good laugh and explore physical intimacy with your partner. What’s not to love! 

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Lover! Lover? from Dring

Dring got popular all over the country for their unique drinking card game, and now they’ve launched a card game for couples. The deck has 22 dare cards that range from fun to wild, and 78 exciting question cards that can make any stay-in date night exciting. If you’re planning a quick getaway for V-Day, this is the perfect game to carry along. Not only will this game result in more intimate conversations with your bae, it will also help you both loosen up and relax.   

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Unlock your Love - The Ultimate Couple Game from Nonsense

Love a good ol’ game of Truth or Dare? Then this card game is for you!  There are four decks categorised into Truth or Sip, Do or Dare, Moments, and Situations that’ll help you and your partner see a whole new side of each other. Explore your quirks and kinks, appreciate the cute moments of your journey, put your partner on the spot with hypothetical embarrassing situations, and take a deep dive into the depths of your relationship. Relive your best moments and take a walk on the naughty side, and add this to cart for V-Day!

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Under the Sheets from MyMuse

Intimate wellness brand MyMuse is known for their many products geared to make the time in the sheets more pleasurable. And now, they have a couple’s card game you can add to your V-Day shopping list. If the memo for the evening (or the day) is flirty conversations that can swiftly shift to the realm of sensual foreplay, then this one’s for you. With 150 cards and five categories — Have you ever?, Not Just Victoria’s Secret, If You Dare, Happy Endings, and Wildcards — each with three levels to turn up the heat, this game is designed to make your date night sexy. The best part? You can make your own rules for the game too. 

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