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Quirky, bright and bold — prints are the height of fashion this season

From abstract prints to hand block prints, these homegrown brands are doing prints the right way

Aatreyee Mohanta | Published 30.08.22, 05:11 PM
Get your hands on wearable art that highlights quirky prints

Get your hands on wearable art that highlights quirky prints


Imagine an artist’s canvas splattered with paint. The strokes, the colours and patterns, bold and bright, are enough to hypnotise the one beholding the art. Jackson Pollock created an era in modern art that is still going strong, and one cannot dismiss the effect it has had on the creative minds in fashion. 

Clothes need not be just blasé utilitarian garments, but works of wearable art that you can strut your stuff in. This brings us to the world of prints, which has captivated the fashion world. Bright, bold, cute and quirky — prints of various kinds and genres can turn a regular piece of clothing into a collector’s piece that one can treasure forever. 


Here are some of the brands that create one-of-a-kind prints that you can add to your wardrobe for some fun and spark...

From Kolkata:

Bobo Calcutta

This Kolkata-based luxury label is all about the abstract, bizarre and the eclectic. Ayushman Mitra has a unique creative process and that reflects in his creations, which are mostly gender neutral. The prints are bright, bold and abstract, and hold the power to evoke deep feelings in the viewer, much like while viewing art. 

He paints his designs and then translates them to fabric, which then gets embroidered and created into unique pieces of clothing. From prints featuring human figurines to ones with the Royal Bengal Tiger and even ones that are just abstract, his designs are a collector’s delight.

Quirky Bae

If you love adorable quirky hand block prints, this brand by Ujan Gangopadhyay and Shrutanwita Chakraborty will make you fall in love. Their prints are minimalistic but totally adorable. 

“We create prints that talk about happiness, that bring joy. Our designs are inspired from ‘little joys of life’. We have floral prints, cat prints, paper planes, cactus and also a menstrual cup print. Everything that can make you smile! As a brand, we want to make clothing that is not only eco-friendly and guilt-free, but can also bring a smile to your face when you pick them to wear,” shared Shrutanwita. 

Their prints have a uniqueness about them that will make your outfit the talk of every party. Their creations are sustainable, eco-friendly and completely handmade, which is a great bonus! 

Hatti Matim

Looking for quirky and adorable prints for your little one’s wardrobe? Look no further! This brand creates the cutest ensembles for children. From octopus prints to cat prints, this brand uses pastel shades to create comfortable cotton clothing for kids, and you can customise the designs too. 

NIFT Kolkata alumnus Riya Gupta, who  started this brand in 2019, said, 

“When my daughter was born three years back, I was looking to gift her the same feeling we had as kids with all the raw Indian colours, prints and textures. Growing up as an Indian kid, one is always surrounded by so many colours, festivals and cultures. As a creative mind, it fascinates me.”

Her brand focuses on creating fun prints using the art of hand block printing and takes inspiration from animals, florals, and cartoon and fictional characters associated with childhood.

From across the country:


This Panipat-based brand is all about prints that are whimsical, serene and inspired from nature. From pretty landscapes to foliage, Diksha Trika’s brand uses plant-based fabrics, which are designed and hand-painted and then transferred digitally onto fabrics. She says all of her prints are inspired by nature and its elements. 

“I feel that with prints, people have found a new way to speak for themselves without having to say anything. With a totally new work culture and lifestyle evolving post lockdown, people want to now experiment with their wardrobes more and more. And prints and colours have become a huge part of it,” said the designer. 

If your style is relaxed and minimalistic, SOBO LIVING’s creations will find a comfortable place in your wardrobe. 

Bombay Closet Cleanse

The internet has been obsessed with Frida Kahlo and her work for quite a while now. Well, if you’re looking to be a part of that trend, get these quirky Frida-themed pyjamas and robes. The prints come in a variety of colours and are vibrant and whimsical. So, the next time you wanna hang out and lounge at home, pick these and you’ll never have a dull fashion moment. 


This brand’s aesthetic is all about being environmentally conscious and creating statement pieces that bridge the gap between fashion and art. Their designs are all hand-painted prints, which have a strong retro and pop vibe. 

The ensembles created by Advait are bold in their use of colour and have a playful vibe to them. 

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